16 Jump From the House

Jump From the House

Posted on February 9, 2010 by


When you have lotsa snow you can have some fun with it like… jumping from five-stored building into a pile of snow, fun isn’t it?


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16 Responses to “Jump From the House”

  1. makc says:

    Bladtz ….. first !!!!!!

  2. liolio says:

    preparation for Vancouver?

    • Chris says:

      Actually, we have no snow in Vancouver. Even Cypress Mountain which is supposed to have Olympic events has no snow. Snow is being trucked in from mountains a couple of hundred KM away. Even Whistler doesn’t have a lot.

      Outside it’s sunny and warm. I’m supposed to go out and do gardening work.

  3. Oleksa says:

    Mom’s cursing at the end of the show is outrageous

  4. YJ says:

    I soo want to do this.

  5. ahah says:

    this is why not to go to war against russia..russians dont have brains.

  6. raaa says:

    Milicja ich złapała?

  7. vovan says:

    It seems to be the hit of the day cause I’ve seen this in a couple of sites. Most of the commenters are cursing at the guys (the family maybe?) who called the cops because of some guys having fun. :)
    These jumpers either have very big balls or are just too drunk to have any fear :D

  8. w says:

    They were stealing from the building and got chased by the cops in case you did’nt notice

  9. Kent_Diego says:

    So what are they saying?

  10. John says:

    the camera guy’s wife is like “omg i cant watch this.. are they really jumping? are they still alive?” and the camera guy is like “ya ya.. there, the police caught one”

  11. xxx says:

    kak govaril zadornov: tolko nas celovek tak mogut

    • Sandr says:

      nothing special, jumped myself. u get snow up to the 3rd store at Kamchatka, so the hazardous part is diggin ur self out…ah reminds me of childhood in rusland ))

  12. exe says:

    they are from Bucuresti , Romania

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