18 Rabbit of No Luck

Rabbit of No Luck

Posted on February 8, 2010 by team


Anything’s planned? That is a usual Rabbit of no luck’s chat-up line. No, no, we aren’t going to speak about talking rabbits today. Actually, this weird rabbit knows just one phrase more; it is an answer “No way!” and if you run him across in the street it will be the first and the last answer you’re going to hear from him ever.


Nowadays, the Russian Internet develops quite fast with bunches of new users registered daily. And since Russian WWW is gaining popularity within the country itself and even in many countries abroad, there are lots of Internet memes popped up recently. Some of them are commonplace ones, while the others are not bad and can worry along for some two or three months, but there are few chosen memes that can really blow all the people open and be right obsession as the one you’re reading about now. The meme was originated on the Russian Internet some 3 months ago and didn’t feel like leaving it yet, the other way round, it is growing much and much popular. Today we will tell you how did this once just a good joke was born and then turned into the meme that made the whole country laugh.


– Tomorrow I will give up on smoking.
– No way!


– No way!


– Where are you going?
– On a hike.
– No way!


– Take the trash out.
– OK!
– No way!



– No way.


– This meteorite will kill us all!
– No way!
– Yeah!
– We’re saved now.
– No way!


– We will get them! Board!
– No way!


– No way! No way! No…


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18 Responses to “Rabbit of No Luck”

  1. jon spencer says:

    This rabbit must be related to Bun-Bun the switchblade carrying rabbit.

  2. Sarkawi says:

    2nd again..! :-(

  3. Baron says:


  4. Baron says:

    flip, not! i guess no way!..

  5. SKMO says:

    This hare blows me away.

  6. DougW says:

    hare trigger

  7. I hate rabbit almost as much as I hate moose and squirrel.

  8. Taupey says:


  9. Carevich says:

    It´s not really funny but there´s something about it..

  10. strannik says:

    You can nuke only defenceless towns like Hiroshima
    USA will never start nuclear war cause Russia’s got enough missiles to blow up the whole world many times

  11. John Kimble says:


  12. There are three different finishes of bowling alley balls; Soft finish, hard finish and a finish between soft and hard. Balls with a soft finish tend to firmer grip on the lane than the harder ones. If the bowler is going for one ball then a ball with soft finish is advised.

  13. Arioch says:

    Won’t “no way” be better translated like “bad chance” or “bad luck” or “bad fate” ?

  14. George says:

    Yes, I think “tough luck” is the best translation. It’s not Tolstoy after all.

  15. Alexander says:

    Heh, i’d never hope to find my No-way-banny here

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