26 Brave Russian Bird

Brave Russian Bird

Posted on February 6, 2010 by

Russian bird is brave

Looks like that Russian birds are so cool that they go friends with cats eating from the same plate (sometimes)..

Russian bird is brave 2

Russian bird is brave 3

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26 Responses to “Brave Russian Bird”

  1. agnot says:

    bird needs psychiatric evaluation

  2. DougW says:

    Cats are full, bird are lucky.

  3. V_Power says:


  4. mad1982 says:

    heheh really Brave

  5. SSSR says:

    My cat is in those pics.Maybe those are the before pics,when the bird is still alive!

  6. I have cats that look just like those! Awesome! They seem to be experienced!

  7. Musa says:

    Beautiful Cats! Thanks for Post!

  8. SSSR says:

    Is that forum not working again?

  9. w says:

    All russian cats look the same

  10. perristalsis says:

    Pigeon was ex KGB messenger, cats don’t want to mess with that.

  11. japs says:

    Suicide pigeon.

  12. TaupeyAna says:

    I love cats. These beautiful and well cared for cats are not even concerned with that pigeon. They must be use to birds trying to steal their food. Thanks for sharing photographs.

  13. Kirov says:

    Trying to eat the pigeon would mean trying to get a nasty disease!! Pigeon are flying rats, full of germs. Leave them for the homeless…

  14. Johnny says:

    In Soviet Russia, bird eats cat!

  15. CZenda says:

    Who dares wins!
    I do not like city cats. Carnivorous rats.

  16. The pigeon is like a greedy Jew

  17. Cracker says:

    you are all wrong! The pidgeon is pimping the cats out. He is a MAC DADDY!

  18. Chad Rinko says:

    Wow, Russian birds are like Russian women, dont mess with them!


  19. JuMy says:

    What for to strain and here not badly feed

  20. Daisy Hester says:

    Love your blog, i dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading.

  21. Janeen Muramoto says:

    A good post indeed! That’s the sunny side of your writing, you write in a lucid manner and I have no difficulty to understand what you have said, even though I am a novice. Keep the good work going by continue blogging new and entertaining posts. I have already subscribed to the RSS feed of your weblog and look forward to reading more of your blog posts in the future.

  22. Nastya says:

    Pigeons are cheeky buggers in any country.

  23. Dell Desktop says:

    Cats are the greatest. They’re cute and ferocious. That bird is seriously a braveheart.

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