45 Russian Self Made Hummer

Russian Self Made Hummer

Posted on February 3, 2010 by

Russian self-made Hummer 1

Recently we had a Russian guy from Kazakhstan who has built a Rolls Royce Phantom at home out of old Mercedes car. Seems that this trend is getting stronger. Now meet a Hummer car clone.

It can’t be called full replica as it is more likely a Russian approach for the Big Agressive Car that can be used to climb mountains, to sow and plough thru the fields, to clean snow and mud and even to… drive underwater.

“I have only one oxygen mask that can be used while you are driving by the bottom of the lake/river. Once we were crossing some lake and the car got stuck in the bottom mud. My passenger didn’t have a mask so he had to swim out to the surface to get some air and get back down to me to help releasing it.”, says the owner.

And yes, it can drive through the fire too! And now the pictures:

Russian self-made Hummer 2

Russian self-made Hummer 3

Russian self-made Hummer 4

Russian self-made Hummer 5

Russian self-made Hummer 6

Russian self-made Hummer 7

Russian self-made Hummer 8

Russian self-made Hummer 9

Russian self-made Hummer 10


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45 Responses to “Russian Self Made Hummer”

  1. Ones says:

    Ugly but seems tough

  2. Shurik says:

    placeholder to ward off gypsies

  3. Tauper says:

    1. Does Oxygen Mask = Regulator ?

    2. Usually people sux air not oxygen.

    3. Why couldn’t he share whatever he was suxing under the water with his buddy?

    4. I’m curious to know what kinda apparatus he was using to breath underwater anyway?

    5. That quasi- Hummer does look fun!

    Thanks for the post guys!

  4. …wooh …is this for real? …quite amazing…

  5. w says:


  6. Val says:

    It is for real..And he used an ordinary pipe to breath underwater

  7. 钦哥 says:

    chinese guys think that russian machines always like devil,they are cheaper when compared with the american ones,but easy to use,easy to maintain确实是如此,老毛子的东西,很赞!

  8. I’d like to know what engine they put in to that beauty.

    Awesome article again! :)

  9. connie says:

    How does the fire work? espically under water. How does the engine work under water?

    • charlie says:

      i am guessing that the engine is a diesel because you can run a diesel underwater as long as you have an air filter breather because diesels dont have spark plugs and other electrical wires that can be shorted out by water, they fire on compression not spark and need no electric to run, just to start. the fire doesnt work tho underwater

  10. EnglishCanuck says:

    Quite the snorkle tube for underwater, must be sealed well to avoid leakage. I don’t think the woodstove works underwater.

  11. Musa says:

    He used ordinary pipe, really, did he wrap his mouth around circumference of rigid pipe creating seal or just hold to his mouth… either way fighting weight and drag of water while he drive or not drive? I want details pretty please?

    BTW kick a$$ ride! Fascinating Post TY :)

  12. New Fake Kirov says:

    12th!!!!!!!! Is it steam engine powered?

  13. Cracker says:

    Nice…. But can he cruise chicks in it?

    “Hey baby,you lookin’ FINE! You want a ride in my underwater woodstove car?”

  14. Matt says:

    I’m not sure if this is the same one, but here’s vid of what DOES look like it driving underwater:


    It sounds like it’s powered by a lawnmower engine.

  15. SSSR says:

    There is probably a Hummer in almost every city on the planet now,real or fake.Too bad a chinese car company owns Hummer now.It will be interesting to see how the chinese builds them.

    • cm says:

      They’ll build them plenty and cheap =) soon there will be one in every street and 10c each

      • SSSR says:

        Ya well the USA still has Ford and Chevrolet,and maybe Chrysler.The Mustang is a cool car,that shoud keep Ford in business for now.The new Camaro is a transformer,and Corvette is a nice fast car to own.that will keep Chevrolet around longer.Cm is right,The Hummer has shrunk smaller with every model China will build them cheap.Hummer will never be the same as the first one that can drive over mountains and through most jungles!

        • charlie says:

          the humvee or the military hummer is not made by chevy. it is made by am genreal and was copied by gm because they cant think of their own ideas

  16. jukk says:

    I want more details.
    What engine etc.

  17. jim-bob says:

    It almost looks like they took an old 4X4 tractor and put a body on it. Still, cool truck all the same. For a minute there, I thought the engine was running off pyrolization, but then I realized the wood stove was just there for heat…

  18. SSSR: I know it’s crazy, I mean in my village (population 7,000) there’s a black Hummer H2! Damn you stockholders!

  19. Daniels1986 says:

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  20. Bau-Bau says:

    MY CARRRRR in the near future :)))))))

  21. scot says:

    it’s a scale model

  22. Shift says:

    http://www.drive2.ru/cars/hummer/h1/h1/kalistrat4x4/ here you can read some more details (although not much) and ask the owner himself the questions you are interested in/ Ofcourse everything is in russian so you would either hav to find someone who speaks russian or use online translators. Chances are that the owner may speak a little english. Its a russian kind of social network site devoted to cars so you’ll probably have to register first to send him a message. All that i understood (although i’m russian, i didnt understand most of the description as im not that much into trucks) is that the chassis is from some UAZ, he doesnt say if the body plates are original, the engine is 4.75 litre turbocharged intercooled and has 136 horsepower 460 neuton/meters of torque @ 1300 rpm. The weight of the vehicle is 2000 kg, max speed 100 km/h, clearance 45 cm

  23. Lou WOods says:

    Wow! That is truly amazing!


  24. Why is it upside down? Why is it on fire? and what are they cooking inside it?

  25. phrawgg2 says:

    I love his cabin-heating system LOL.

    The tires just make me LOL.

    • Frosset says:

      I think you have the real and the copies backwards. The REAL HMMWV (aka the Hummer or Humvee) is what he is driving… this is the very same thing I drove in the USMC. More specifically this is the M1038 – troop carrier with winch. The civilian Hummer has a poor carbon copy of the HMMWV and is NOT the real thing.

      The only difference is that he’s modded his a bit. The doors may not be the same as typical US troops but those doors are only made to fit one vehicle, which is the HMMWV. Though I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen a small stove as an add on or in any manual I’ve read.

      And yes you CAN go fording in water that deep with the pipe attached, though it’s not recommended for the safety of the driver… obviously.

      It’s sad that people think that the H1 – H3 are the REAL HMMWVs. For people who are so connected to the internet, there sure is a whole lot of fail as far a verifying data… Google must be so hard to use. >.>

  26. Brian says:

    A real Hummer H3 or H2 couldn’t do half the stuff this one does – this thing is cooler than a real Hummer and it looks pretty convincing up fron too.

  27. I hardly comment, but I comment when I have 1 to say. It’s usually triggered by the fire within the content I examine. I can see now it’s flaming sufficient for me to comment:) .anyway numerous. I understand a good of wonderful posts close to here.

  28. Redneck says:

    Yea, it is capable of driving under water… in fact, pic #13 is from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7gZ28Msa8g

  29. Hoist Motors says:

    That’s what i called a Hummer, as the pictures show that it has to offer something that the U.S Hummer doesn’t have. Will it really gets in to Russian Army fleet or not, or its just to show that we can make a much better hummer than U.S. Thanks a lot for this…..

  30. kai halsey says:


  31. cydric armah says:

    thats a real lovely machine………..

  32. Henry says:

    Does anybody know where to find this self-made Hummer? I’d like to film it for a tv-program.
    Leave an answer and I’ll get in touch with you.

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