22 The Frozen-Explosion Power Plant

The Frozen-Explosion Power Plant

Posted on February 2, 2010 by

Russian frozen power plant 1

We were tracking closely the story of the Russian power plant exploded and then was examined by experts, and tried to be repaired. Then some estimates appeared that it may take up to ten years to get it back in full scale, and some doubted if it was worth at all.

And while these talks are going on, here is how it looks now after major frosts going on this winter it looks really interesting, like some kind of movie sets for you name it movie.

Russian frozen power plant 2

Russian frozen power plant 3

Russian frozen power plant 4

Russian frozen power plant 5

Russian frozen power plant 6

Russian frozen power plant 7

Russian frozen power plant 8

Russian frozen power plant 9

Russian frozen power plant 10


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22 Responses to “The Frozen-Explosion Power Plant”

  1. perristalsis says:

    About all it’s good for now is the setting for a science fiction/ horror movie.

    • todd keilholz says:

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  2. …lots of work to be done here….

  3. Mysticismer says:

    That is very impressive!

  4. oldhit says:

    FIRST . nice pic

  5. I don’t envy them in their work, I spent some time fishing in the White Sea area, it was as much as we could do to keep the vessel upright. If the water inside is not kept moving the pressure is so great it could explode the waterways.

  6. Pacific NW says:

    Looks like dangerous work. Great photos.

  7. SSSR says:

    Meanwhile,back in the secret lair of Mr.Freeze….

  8. New Fake Kirov says:

    8th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cold place.

  9. Ones says:

    Cool mother nature art………

  10. 84user says:

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    Why is this website hosting a link to noadware.net ?

  11. Tauper says:

    Were they able to cut those massive pieces/the massive piece of ice free?

    I wonder what those guys in the boom/lift were using to cut the ice?

  12. Musa says:

    Who da Hell are these peoples calling me and why da Hell is Taup’s comment waiting moderation… again?

  13. debodabebo says:

    more quality construction from the land of vodka.

  14. HorrorMasker says:

    Thanks for doing a follow up on this one, impressive pictures.

  15. Yoron says:

    So it’s been closed down the whole winter, or?
    A lot of energy missing then??

  16. russian says:

    its in Siberia, near Krasnoyarsk city

  17. Like your comment. Perhaps plastic landscaping source may guide someone there.

  18. Dane says:

    It was the biggest station in Russia…and in the post USSR region…you have to be sacrificed, mr Putin))

  19. MBT outlet says:

    I was just searching for this the other day. Glad I finally discovered what I needed

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