48 Amusing likeness

Amusing likeness

Some Russian celebrities resemble the foreign ones…
Like young Boris Yeltsin and Ben Affleck, for example.

23 Cold Cold North

Cold Cold North

They say that there is no life in the north but only ever-frost. And if you are sitting in your apartments in Moscow, watching TV and feeling bored because of “warm” weather and drabness, why not to travel northward and check by yourself? And so did one company
of best friends, they mounted their Lada and made their way to the very northern Russian city, Naryan-Mar, that is located even farther than one of the most northern and coldest cities of Russia, Arkhangelsk. Let’s see what they’ve got.
18 The coal-pit “Podmoskovnaya”

The coal-pit “Podmoskovnaya”

The coal-pit “Podmoskovnaya” is located in the Tula region and now it is the only coal-pit in the whole central region of Russia. The pit has always been considered to be a very promising undertaking, but lately they have been refusing to use coal for
power generation in the central region. The degradation began in the 90s, but formerly only in the Tula region there worked more than 30 coal-pits and there were coal-pits in the Ryazan region, in the Tver region and in the Smolensk region.
69 What a View

What a View

Sometimes people pay thousands just to have some extraordinary view from their windows. This people of Russian
outskirts district didn't pay much but once they have got some view that can't be compared to any other view.

31 Blockade of Leningrad

Blockade of Leningrad

70 years ago the city of Saint-Petersburg was called Leningrad and when the Second World War was triggered off, Leningrad was forced to withstand the fascist terror and 3 years long enemy’s push. Germans decided to stab second country’s most
populated city which as well had been the country’s weapon broker. But they didn’t choose any aggressive tactics and made a blockade that lasted more than 850 days and led to starvation and constant disorders within the city.

12 Expecting to Fly

Expecting to Fly

Since space exploration rose much higher than the sky last decade, every country set itself a goal to keep it going not to be on the back foot. Most probably, every one of you has already
heard about commonly known Baikonur spaceport, so today we are going to tell you a bit about the other one, less known spaceport as well as about launching of a space vehicle.

15 Ostankino Tower views

Ostankino Tower views

Very beautiful panoramic photographs
taken from the top of Ostankino Tower.
19 The cockerel lollipop for everyone

The cockerel lollipop for everyone

An annual Christmas festival “Russian winter” is getting on. In addition to a terrific gigantic felt boot and a primitive
gigantic ruble in Revolution Square there appeared a gigantic sugar cockerel lollipop. Though it didn’t gladden for long…
33 Central Armed Forces Museum

Central Armed Forces Museum

Let us have a look at the exhibits
of Central Armed Forces Museum.
Russian inappropriate commercials

15 Top 3 Russian Inappropriate Ads

Top 3 Russian Inappropriate Ads

Here is the selection of top three ads your kids better not see from this winter in Russia. This first one is about World of Warcraft and it is the most "soft" in order not to show the more "hard" ones on the site's front page. It advertises bank cards for one of Russian top banks and promises to
everyone that "...ork of 80th level can be called career growth too." I mean, your kids can get really wrong opinion on that WOW is OK and they can get serious with it in their further life. Anyways inside we have really inappropriate two others, may be bit not safe for work.

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