Abandoned missile base in Russia 1

33 Abandoned Base, Again

Abandoned Base, Again

Before it was a place that had been secured as a baby by former Soviet power and was
never allowed to stay that deserted. Now it is something different.
Ice age statues in Moscow

11 Ice Age in Ice

Ice Age in Ice

In Moscow they made Ice Age cartoon characters out of.. Ice.
It gathered a lot of visitors to check that out.

18 Marvel encyclopedia, Russian book of records

Marvel encyclopedia, Russian book of records

Everyone knows about big-named Guinness Book of World Records, but nobody ever heard about some Russian book of Russian records. Recently we found out that such a
book exists. It is called Marvel and we are proudly present first post with the most extraordinary records from the book. Our theme for today is Human.
28 The Calendar for Russian policemen

The Calendar for Russian policemen

Such a calendar appeared for Ministry of the Interior officers. When there is enough
material it is going to be issued as a loose-leaf calendar and sent to police-stations.

24 Slow It Down

Slow It Down

When the author of these shots saw another collection of slow-down photos for a billionth time, some strange desire has been borne within him and just a bit after already no one could still this hunger of his as he decided to try the tricky thing by himself
and find out what is what. He was quite well-prepared and attacked the thing with all his care: precise timing, a sea of dodgy devices and his own bright head that helped him a lot with such intricate calculations he was in need to make.
Russian self made Rolls Royce 1

26 The Self Made Rolls Royce

The Self Made Rolls Royce

When you have a dream you can try to get closer to it. If this dream is about some item you can buy you can start saving for it, try stealing it or... you can make it.
This is how this guy from outskirts of Karaganda , Kazakhstan has solved his urge for a Rolls Royce car - he made a replica from old Mercedes W123.
Russian cars parked 1

18 No Parking!

No Parking!

If they warn you not to park the car here - as on this sign above - you better take it serious. "If you still park
your car can be damaged by trucks coming in and out". And how it can be damaged we can see inside.

27 It’s Show Time

It’s Show Time

A few days ago something very very odd happened in downtown of Moscow. There was porno aired on a billboard in the very downtown. Because of it, all the drivers were slowing down a bit to catch at least a small piece
of the show, which is a very rare occasion for night Moscow to tell you the truth. Maybe someone got fired and decided to take French leave and not to bother anyone? Who knows… We can only guess.
62 Once Upon a Time in Siberia

Once Upon a Time in Siberia

There are company of Russian photographers that travel around Russia and world taking pictures of everything they see. Recently they decided to split up; one of them went to
Africa to make a picture story and the other one went to one of the mining towns in Siberia. Just compare it, +40C (+95F) in Africa and -40C (-40F) in Siberia.
26 Puschino Astronomical observatory

Puschino Astronomical observatory

The first initiative to create big radio telescopes in the USSR is dated 1951. They were intended to
observe the sun radiation and radiation of other space sources on centimeter and millimeter waves.

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