32 Miss Student Russia 2010

Miss Student Russia 2010

Posted on January 29, 2010 by

Miss Russian Student 2010 1

Looks like this winter is the time for different contests. We had Miss Russia, then Belarusian casting for their Miss 2010, and now they have Miss Student 2010 in Moscow where the girl students of Russian colleges and universities compete.

Miss Russian Student 2010 2

Miss Russian Student 2010 3

Miss Russian Student 2010 4

Miss Russian Student 2010 5

Miss Russian Student 2010 6

Miss Russian Student 2010 7

Miss Russian Student 2010 8


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32 Responses to “Miss Student Russia 2010”

  1. Oleksa says:

    Sorry but some of them look just old. The one holding a dog looks like she is 35 or something. And the amount of makeup that they use is really formidable.

  2. Jason says:

    I’m a gäy, i need mister Russia photos.

  3. ShyCookie says:

    looks like halloween fashion show ;)

  4. New Fake Kirov says:

    First!!!!!!! Hot pics.

  5. Tauper says:

    They’re all beautiful women and inspite of all the work beauty contest take, it looks like they had a great time.

    Thanks for post!

  6. Adan75 says:

    worse quality of photos. looks like was made on very cheap camera

  7. mike says:

    wow,,,#15 is beautiful in my opinion

  8. perristalsis says:

    Youth is such a transitory thing, where hopes and dreams collide with reality. I’d like to see a Mrs. Russia pageant, where real women, mothers and wives, show their stuff; inner beauty is the most lasting.

  9. May Cry says:

    Some girls are pretty nice, but some, what the f≥ck?

  10. Philipp says:

    my russian gf is way hotter than all of those

  11. Photoshop says:

    Miss studenchestvo eto ZHEST’!

  12. Kirov says:

    Fake Kirov again. Fvcked up troll!

  13. 钦哥 says:


  14. johnny stranger says:

    *Yawn*. Is this Russia or New Jersey? They all looked horrible.

  15. AmericanJoe says:

    Very beautiful women, for the most part.
    From the knees up, anyway.
    But I don’t believe Russia will be fully accepted in the community of civilized nations until it tackles its gankle problem.

  16. OLUT says:

    In picture 36, the girl looks like she’s wearing orthopedic shoes!

  17. English Brazil says:

    Poor Nº5… no chance for her….

    Last pic, is the girl on the left the winner? i think the right one much more beautiful….

  18. Hicks says:

    Agree, the right one is cute.

  19. The winner nice looking girl with awfuk eye makeup. I like last year’s champion best, nice natural looking girl with proper makeup for her. None as beautiful as my Natasha…

  20. Gorgeous women. SOme of them could well be succesful mannequins.

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  22. buy jeans says:

    a lot of them are really horrible

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