15 Winter beauty of “Zaklyuchye” estate

Winter beauty of “Zaklyuchye” estate

Posted on January 27, 2010 by team


“Zaklyuchye” is a very beautiful estate right in-between St. Petersburg and Moscow. It is situated in about 40 km from the highway and the shortest way to get there – from Moscow by a dirt road where not any car can go as the snow on some parts is too high, but the views around are so picturesque that you forget about everything – that is what the real Russian winter must be!

“Zaklyuchye” estate is located in the scenic woodland, on a high shore of a little lake.


It used to belong to a St. Petersburg architect A.S. Khrenov and was built in the end of the 19th century, probably, upon his own project. Currently the estate is being unhurriedly restored – most bridgings have been changed and one of the collapsed walls of the second floor has been re-edified.


Approximately in 1904 Khrenov established a stud farm here for pedigreed horses breeding. The porch was glazed already in the Soviet time.


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  1. Bonifatsy says:

    Very beautiful place. Few will be restored and everything is fine

  2. Bau-Bau says:

    Aaa second

  3. mad1982 says:


  4. Dr. No says:

    Beautiful! It is really sad that a treasure such as this was allowed to deteriorate. But I am really glad to see that somebody is working on restoring this beautiful house. I would love to see some pictures when this wonderful house has been fully restored. Thank you for these pictures.

  5. boriska says:

    These are beautiful pictures, but EnglishRussia forum needs to be fixed, who can do it?

  6. Lenin-McCarthy says:

    The estate can be restored… Russian billionaires! Are you listening?

  7. EnglishCanuck says:

    You don’t see these in Canada. I am always amazed here when they show all these abandonded properties, even towns! What happened to everybody?
    The tower would have made a wonderful sniping location…

  8. smeshkot says:

    Such a beautiful place, and such a shame that it’s been allowed to deteriorate like this. :(

  9. New Fake Kirov says:

    9th!!! Cool old house.

  10. Pacific NW says:

    Nice pad.

  11. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Nice! I think most of us secretly dream of living in a place like this.

  12. Tauper says:

    I’m happy to know someone is restoring this old place too.

    If I owned this house, I would lose that ugly spiral stairway on the second floor and open up the top.

    When restoration was complete, I’d plant a black high gloss 5’10” to 6’6″ grand piano in that area.
    I would love to see photographs when the home is restore as well.

  13. I was recommended to your blog by a close friend of mine and wanted to know what the buzz was all about.. now I know why she was so very excited about it. thakn heaven I found you at the theright time. You certainly rock and same is the case with your blog too. I enjoy reading every post of yours and sometimes, a confession here, might end up reading it often.

  14. Yuri says:

    Just imagine this house after its fully restored. I happy people are restoring this structures instead of allowing them to disintegrate. This would be a wonder house to live in until Winter.

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