12 Borschevsk Caves

Borschevsk Caves

Posted on January 27, 2010 by team


Saint-Petersburg region can really boast of some beautiful and remarkable places; and Borschevsk Caves is one of them. The caves are located at the Antonovo lakeside nearby Oredezh village, Saint-Petersburg region. And the most unusual thing about them is that it was not Mother Nature which made them but people themselves. There are several caves over there which face the waterside. Actually, most of them already broke down, but some are still intact. A team of Russian photographers went there specially to make a photo story of a place that previously has been unknown.

It is -25C (-13F) outdoors and something about +10C (+50F) inside the caves so at the entrance there formed a beautiful mosaic of ice built up.



A long time ago there was quartz sand quarried and then being delivered to Tarkovichsk glass factory. Unfortunately, the factory is abandoned now. The quarrying was carried on by the peasants that were driving inside the adits right on their animal-drawn wagons. That’s why all the cuts have such a strange shape (5-6 meters high or 17-20 feet.)


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