33 Abandoned Base, Again

Abandoned Base, Again

Posted on January 23, 2010 by

Abandoned missile base in Russia 1

Before it was a place that had been secured as a baby by former Soviet power and was never allowed to stay that deserted.

Now it is something different.

Abandoned missile base in Russia 2

Abandoned missile base in Russia 3


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33 Responses to “Abandoned Base, Again”

  1. Tor Vigodat says:

    First !!! Cool pics.

  2. Matt says:

    That is the worst camouflage painting I’ve ever seen. Did they get a six year-old to do it?

    Interesting pictures, though. Reminds me of the abandoned concrete factory near Exeter.

    • PIVO says:

      Hey yank! It has been more than 20 years and the paint faded. How often do you paint your trailer to update the color and to be the most elegant and beautiful in your park?

      • Matt says:

        I’m not a yank, look up “Exeter” :)

        It’s not the faded colouring, it’s the odd paintwork…the colours don’t seem to match the surroundings. Not that it makes any difference, I doubt if anybody in the history of war has failed to see a building because of the paintwork on the wall…

        • Modern-Day Gaul says:

          The point of painting a building in camouflage is not to render it completely invisible, but only to delay the moment it is spotted.
          Even if the delay is just 1 or half a second, when the attacker is in a jet flying at 800 to 900 km/hour, this small delay makes that the guy (or girl) in the plane will spot the building a bit too late, will have to turn back for another run, whence giving time to AA gun crews to commence fire.

      • Tauper says:

        PIVO not all YANKS live in Mobile Home Parks/trailer parks. Some of US do have class and are not as bad as you might believe. That does not change the fact that the camo painting looks too obvious.

  3. mike says:

    a stop sign in english?

  4. Frankie says:

    Looks like an abandoned tank base

  5. jerome west says:

    Defiantly a base for some type of vehicles. My first guess would be a base for the mobile surface to surface missile carriers. They supposed to be dispersed in case of war but they have to be based somewhere. Some of the “hangers” seem narrow and very high which gives me that thought.

  6. Musa says:

    How poor their engineering.look at the inner pic of Mobile launcher shed,they even not able to lay down the straight brick line of servicing trench(pic41).so called super power was just Fvcking skill less herd.

  7. PIVO says:

    It is an ordinary car park and fortified hangar for storage of ammo and fuel. Soviet Union had thousands of “secret missile bases”- in reality it’s a gas station.

  8. CBEH says:

    Soviet Mobile Missile Depot. Locked doors, secured cover to keep prying eyes of Yankee spy satellites from giving away true identity. Very simple constructed base as to not give away secrets to cameras in space. Perhaps Yankees will think it is base of no importance and move else where.

    Very odd English “STOP” sign inside Soviet base, perhaps trophy on display.

  9. hth says:

    The feeble NATO will never defeat the mighty Russian army.

  10. Leonid says:

    great start to the picture story. There should have been many more pictures. Very interesting place I would have liked to see more of it. maybe get in behind those closed doors as its abandon it should have been easy access.

  11. Kirov says:

    I see no source link. Looted photos from Russian site.

  12. SSSR says:

    I think the place is not used.There is no upkeep to it.It was probably used during the cold war.Now that there is peace between the 2 superpowers there is no longer a need for it.15 years ago I worked as a grounds keeper at a defense depo in my city.There were storage sheds with earth on them to camoflauge them.I think I can see them on google earth,a large area of empty space.Now the depo has factories and any business can operate there.The base above is probably in the middle of nowhere so there is no use for it now.

  13. KBR says:

    In every country you have such places, I heard that in Belgium there was a secret nato HQ that was just last year 2009 opened. It was operational all the time, since the 50ties. And the funny thing is that all the paper that was used, never left the building, read bunkers. It is now closed because it is a hazard to nature, but it was OK for Nato to use it…

    • SSSR says:

      Collusion,hide it in plain site.I saw on Cities Of The Underworld on tv about a soviet bunker in a mountain.The entrance looked like a apartment building for fake miners working at a fake mining site nearby.There was windows painted on the building so it looked like a real apartment from the air.The inside of the bunker had all kinds of electronics and there was steel plating on all of the walls.I don’t remember what the steel was for.Not long ago a Russian mobster bought the place and sold all of the steel.

  14. K says:

    Great pics, but I’ve seen better ones on ER, it has too much close ups and not enough pictures taken from high up places.

    Also most of them are on the outside, today most buildings look like that in Russia so it’s not very interesting from that point either.

  15. A-E_I-Owned-You says:

    Where is this located? Seems it isn’t looted enough for my tastes.

  16. Pakistani Kutta says:


    Osama forever!

  17. strannik says:

    Russia’s got a lot of abandoned places and a lot of space too. Who cares in Moscow about this another one dump somewhere in cold and distant Siberia? Next time there will come Chinese and clean it up.

  18. dokki says:

    What is that on pic no. 46 to 51? Is it armored or reinforced concrete watching post, this stuff with windows and camouflage color???

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  20. javox says:

    pretty nice….i love thouse stuff

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