28 The Calendar for Russian policemen

The Calendar for Russian policemen

Posted on January 20, 2010 by team


Such a calendar appeared for Ministry of the Interior officers. When there is enough material it is going to be issued as a loose-leaf calendar and sent to police-stations.

We work through the holidays.

Deputy Interior Minister Arkady Yedelev called civilians’ killing by a police officer Yevsyukov “an isolated incident”. ESQUIRE made a daily calendar of the following “isolated incidents” that soon appeared in the newscast. Here are some of them…


“A drunk police officer strangled a disabled person”…

“Police officers wanted to drown a man because “he was bald”…

“A police officer from Chelyabinsk was convicted for kicking a road police major “right there”…



“A commanding police officer pissed right in the restaurant hall”…

“A traffic policeman paid fake fines himself”…

”In the Ural region there was arrested a police officer who  beheaded a youngster for 60 rubles”…

“A police officer opened fire in the children’s playground when heard a girl singing a song in English”…

“A Kalmyk police officer sold a loading workman into slavery”…


“Police officers forced a teenager to confess murder of his sister who turned out to be alive”…

“In Tomsk a police officer scared a driver to death”…

“A police officer raped a girl on the way home”…

“In Novgorod a police officer burnt the whole family”…



“A Moscow-area police-officer offered help to a girl for sex”…

“In reply to request of people taken into custody to give them some water a police officer sprayed irritant gas in their cell”…

“A police officer was caught in sexual perversions”…

“A drunk policeman participated in lynching”…


“A police officer spat in a detainee”…

“Female police officers stole underwear, discs and toothpaste in a shop”…

“In Stavropol a beat officer fined a dead man”…

“An ex police officer raped a shop girl. He asked the shop assistant selling curtains to hang the curtain lace”…


28 Responses to “The Calendar for Russian policemen”

  1. sputnik says:

    beep first beep beep

  2. LameFox says:

    “Police officers forced a teenager to confess murder of his sister who turned out to be alive”

    LOL… oops…

  3. dima says:

    russian police…probably the most psychotic and corrupted organization since FOREVER

  4. DIN says:

    how to make reguar russian police …
    1part – Waffen SS
    1 part – rednecks

  5. EnglishCanuck says:

    While we don’t have so much the violent, blatant abuse of authority in Canada, we DO have one of the most lucrative money-laundering schemes going by the cops. They are now allowed to keep the proceeds of traffic tickets within their own district to be doled out to the cops in overtime costs. They then use the overtime to conduct intrusive campaigns like checking for seatbelts, drinking, whatever. This gives them a chance to poke their big pig snouts into your car, and that’s when they get much more revenue by handing out tickets unrelated to the original program. Then they take the overtime in big cash bonuses on their cheques, and consequently boorish, bullying cops with low I.Q.’s make more than big Managers, over 150,000 US per year. Plus a big, undeserved tax deduction. No wonder they don’t solve crimes anymore, just write tickets.

  6. Angel says:

    Afffsss…Que calendário de extremo mau gôsto!!
    Como se eles próprios e a população não soubessem de suas sujeiras.

  7. Kon says:

    Thanks to Putin for our happy life!

    • Matt says:

      Give the man a break, he’s a President not a miracle worker.

      Maybe imprisoned criminals and police officers should swap places…would it make a difference?

      • James says:

        Based on the reports of journalists being killed in Russia, possibly. At least the prisoner, acting as police, wouldn’t have this brotherhood protectionism mentality that seems the be the accepted state at this time.

      • candice says:

        Medvedev is president….for now.

      • HitmanKiwi says:

        From what it sounds like you need to be a criminal to get into the police for in Russia. Maybe they slap uniforms on the inmates instead of those jumpsuits.

  8. Tauper says:

    Is this a joke? Sounds like that Russian Cops True or False post a few months back.

  9. Kon says:

    This is not a joke. It’s true. Try to google any of phrase from http://www.esquire.ru/calendar/

  10. Musa says:

    People abuse authority all over World, this is not exclusive to only Russia! :(

  11. sid says:

    oh goodness, corruption is widespread, but i reay wonder that the KGB during the soviet time was so organised and loyal, how come everything chanegd in just 2 decades to becmome one of the most corrupted administrations at par with 3rd world nations though, economically its doing decent inspite of all this….

  12. Kirov says:

    Fake. Nashi wannabe or grotesque childish mentally challenged, I cannot decide yet.

    All of the mentioned incidents are true!! There is at least one website completely devoted to these incidents, but for our English-speaking readers, go to Moscow Times dot com and you will from time to time also find such news. Russian police are still in medieval times judging from their actions.

    Truth is they are severely underpaid and so much hated everywhere that they do not care anymore I think. So they just do what they fel like doing.
    Also, policemen are mostly people that were refused everywhere else because of mental problems, uncontrolled agression and sadism, etc… So end result is nice collection of nazi-like swines that are not the backbone of a healthy democracy, as they should be.

  13. Kirov says:

    Many people cannot handle freedom. Freedom comes with responsibility.

    Many thought it meant they could all of a sudden do whatever they liked – resulting in max egoism, corruption, short term vision… the country is declining fast, basing everything on its natural resources and not producing anything at all – while the world is busy getting away from depending on oil and gas, and investing in long term business. Education is worse than ever, everybody wants to be a banker or whatever, as long as it will provide a lot of money while doing as little as possible, and if you need to cheat and steal and bribe for that, 75% has no problems with that, will sell their own family if needed.

    What a country… declining from an organized caring society into a banana republic in a decade. Disabled are outcasts, old people are outcasts, poor people are outcasts… me me me me… that’s all that matters. Charity in Russia is virtually non-existant. Help for Haiti ? Not from Russia… they need help themselves.

    GReetings from Astrakhan.

  14. anon says:

    They forgot “police officer makes fun of the clothes of a girl who was complaining of being constantly harassed and made fun of my her neighbors.” Oops, wait, that was America.

    American cops: incompetent, egotistical, prone to brutality.
    Russian cops: incompetent, egotistical, prone to brutality, but at least you can bribe them into doing their jobs.

  15. USA has more charity then anywhere. It seems collapse of Soviet system just left a vast void with no traditional charitable organisations existing there.
    The banking system needs a complete overhaul.

  16. Tanya says:

    oooh, hi
    i’m from russia
    don’t be so suprised with this calendar
    all these crimes were collected for a long period of time,but you are speaking about it like it happens everyday in our county! and i’m sure not only our counry has such problems
    ”From what it sounds like you need to be a criminal to get into the police for in Russia. Maybe they slap uniforms on the inmates instead of those jumpsuits.”-great joke, thanks!
    you see what u want to see
    after the case when a policemen shot people in the supermarket the rules for policemen changed
    my friend tryed to become a policemen and he failed, even bribe didn’t help him. so corruption is not so wide spread.
    don’t be so silly 2 believe everything that u hear!

    • Sam byval, znaju says:

      Yeah yeah, i know, what the militia corruption in Russia. Just further from Moscow each post is a brake on foreign machines, requires a unreasonable fine and even takes everything they only want …

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  18. amateri says:

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  19. mark says:

    Believe every word.
    Good thing I’m not there anymore.

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