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Posted on January 20, 2010 by team


When the author of these shots saw another collection of slow-down photos for a billionth time, some strange desire has been borne within him and just a bit after already no one could still this hunger of his as he decided to try the tricky thing by himself and find out what is what. He was quite well-prepared and attacked the thing with all his care: precise timing, a sea of dodgy devices and his own bright head that helped him a lot with such intricate calculations he was in need to make.


To make pictures of such a kind, short exposure is not the main thing you need to care about. The most important thing is the ideal synchronizing of your camera with the thing you’re taking picture of. During the tests it was found out that typical exposure time DSLR camera has is 100 mSecs and nine times out of ten that figure varies greatly. Of course, one cannot even talk about auto focus, as it can increase the time of taking a shot for 0.5 second or more. Shots with water are the easiest ones. In spite of their seeming evanescence (tens or hundreds mSecs, depending on their size), figures of such shapes last longer than any others.


After sweating a few days with synchronizing thing, the author decided to take totally different technique up: you must take pictures in the dark using long exposure and to flash the photographed thing up in the right time. On this picture you can see mandarin orange pierced with an air rifle bullet. Grey line on the bottom right corner is a trace of the bullet (the shot was made with 1\4000s flash duration.)


All that is alright and quite actually clear, though there is one solid question: how does synchronization system work? For sure, this man is not Superman and can’t pull the trigger by himself as he won’t even notice the bullet.


There are 2 major methods, acoustic and visual one. Acoustic method is the best for any processes accompanied with noise. You take a microphone and fasten it somewhere near with the photographed object and when the bullet hits a target, mic catches the sound and trigger pulls automatically. But it has one drawback, poor accuracy and also you need to mind the speed of sound as for 1 mSec sound can cover just 33 cm (~13 inches.)

Visual method is good for its exact accuracy. You need to make the bullet and the photographed object (or some of its remains after the hit) cross the laser light to pull the trigger. Most of the shots presented in the post were made like that.








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24 Responses to “Slow It Down”

  1. Tomala says:

    first, first, first, first, !!!!

  2. Tomala says:

    ~First, first, first! Oh, GOD Is it possible?

  3. lseamore says:

    These are very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of the world. To think that there is nothing to the whole shebang with bullets. amazing, utterly and inexplicably amazing!

    live life collectionsetc loud

  4. Tauper says:

    Excellent Photos/Article/@ost! Thank Yous!

  5. sabot says:

    Bad form,shooting Gorgeous George in the head like that.

  6. Baron says:

    I wasn’t first here , its okay. but I still could do this: “It’s fake!”.

  7. Ones says:

    Amazing shots……
    Not first and i believe it not fake

  8. lietuva says:

    How is this post related to Russia? Somehow I didn’t get.

  9. EnglishCanuck says:

    As a member of SFCFEP (Stop Food Cruelty For Entertainment Purposes)I feel it is my duty to protest on begalf of the Manderins and other fruits abused in this photo collection.

  10. CMC says:

    This video is much more impressive for me: youtube.co m/watch?v=Qf DoQwIAaXg

  11. SSSR says:

    A US quarter was shot-instead of a Russian kopeck!!

  12. kezza says:

    whats the red thing in the sixth picture down?

  13. Musa says:

    That guy in black with what is left of purple balloon is crazy! It is great photograph though! I love this post, Thank You! :)

  14. mizx says:

    learn to speak english
    “That is almost all you need to have to make such pictures, except a bunch of sophisticated devices on hands and a clear head of yours.” wtf??

  15. Ask you to ever thought about using even more video clips to some blog content in order to keep the readers a lot more ideas? I mean I recently browse by the whole piece of writing of yours and even this was quite great though due to Im just a image learner

  16. Loki1 says:

    In about 1939 a beautiful and impressive book was published on this exact topic. Titled “FLASH–Seeing the Unseen by High Speed Photography”, it presented a hundred or so images of evanescent events. The photos and the one-of-a-kind camera with which they were taken, were made by a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    The shots included such varied subjects as a milk drop hitting the surface of a bowl of milk, followed by first the depression in the milk’s surface; then the depression contracting and sending up a central spout; then the spout’s tip separating off and continuing up a bit; finally its collapse into the surface again. Another series of photos showed a bullet approaching a light bulb, penetrating it and exiting, followed by the bulb’s final collapse as the shards began their descent.

    A Sports section showed, among other things, the tennis star Bobby Riggs’ racquet making contact with the ball; the racquet strings being forced back a good inch or two until the ball volleyed back off and away. Other shots included a golfer’s club at the moment of striking a ball; the impact visibly bending back the club’s shaft. And a major league batter (alas, I’ve forgotten his name, but he was on one of the Boston teams) hitting a ball while the bat itself bent back from the blow; the book oommented also on the inevitable appearance of the man’s tongue at the moment of impact.

    “Seeing the Unseen” indeed.

  17. Max says:

    Ololo, people!

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  19. nes says:

    Nastavite čitati ili ćete umrijeti između.
    7 dana samo od čitanja.. Dobrodošli!

    Jednom davno
    djevojčica po imenu Corinne otišla je na Facebook I vidila link za slučaj…………………………………da će se dogoditi the će umrijeti nakon sedam dana od dana kad je to vidio…
    Ona se samo nasmijala I to ignorirala u potpunosti, a zatim.
    je otišla…U noći sedmi dan počine razmišljati o slućaju.
    No sljedećeg jutra.
    njezina majka je otisla u njezin krevet I zvala ju zato jer je morala ići u školu…I odmah.
    počela vrištati! Vidila je Corinnu mrtvu I sa očima širom otvorenim the bi se.
    prestrašio bilo tko!
    Ako ne želite the se ovo vam se dogodi kopirajte i.
    Zalijepite ovaj tekst u.
    najmanje 15 različitih komentara, pa prokletstvo.
    Corinne pogodi nekog drugog……Primjer: Marko, dječak iz Napulja.
    …imao je 13 godina I nije htjeo kopirati ovaj tekst I samo sedam dana nakon što je nestao.
    u rodnom gradu, njegovo tijelo nije pronađeno.

  20. fathima says:

    very rare shots!!!!!!!

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