26 Puschino Astronomical observatory

Puschino Astronomical observatory

Posted on January 17, 2010 by team


The first initiative to create big radio telescopes in the USSR is dated 1951. They were intended to observe the sun radiation and radiation of other space sources on centimeter and millimeter waves.

In autumn 1956 there was laid the foundation of RT-22. The total weight of the construction is 465 tons, when it was disassembled, its parts were delivered by railway and later, in winter, were transported on special sledges to the construction site.

Despite it is aged already 50, the radio telescope RT-22, thanks to systematic modernization of its aerial-instrument complex, remains at duty as a unique operating scientific plant.

The general view of the radio telescope. The tower to the right is intended for equipment installation in the central container. On the telescopes with large diameter it is not required because the access is open from the inner stairs.


The telescope reflector diameter is 22 meters. The sheets of the reflector are fastened with adjusted pins and it contributes to the high accuracy of reflecting surface assembling. The circles in the centre of the reflector are the feeders receiving a signal.


The apparatus room. The apparatus in the centre shows azimuth and the radio telescope location angle. The telescope control is maintained from here too.


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  1. sputnik says:

    2nd beep

  2. Russian S says:

    some peoples says that the total memory of this giant telescope is less then pocket calculator,is that right?

    • LameFox says:

      They probably don’t use much data there anyway, just record and observe things, then pass along the information.

    • Radio Jerevan says:

      No, this is a typical capitalist lie. Each of the mathematicians imprisoned for life in the dungeons under the installation to provide the calculations necessary surely has a memory bigger at least equal to that silly imperialistic toy.

    • misko says:

      Telescope does not need any memory.
      Computer controlling it needs very little memory.
      Computer that stores and process data needs decent amount of power…
      So…you statement is not true…

  3. are you kidding says:

    Is that russian cable company .

    • Ximlania says:

      Remember dude! ! ! !We are looking in early 50`s.no semiconductors,no IC`s,no high speed microprocessors and no wireless controlling were even imagine at that time! ! ! !.Soviets were the master in simple,effective and reliable technologies.i do admire their expertise.

  4. Musa says:

    Great Post but where are photographs of HOT Astronerds?

  5. To say it is 50 years old it has to be admired!

  6. Musa says:

    Finnish what the Hell do you think you are doing? I can look at Astronerds if I want on Internet! Stop doing that! FINE!

    • Tauper says:

      Stop cursing your wife Musa.

      • Musa says:

        Name your “mental asylum” ?i would like to ask your “security” tighten then ever.Cuck my cap and enjoy.

      • Tauper says:

        Fake Tauper,

        It takes more b@lls and courage to be openly G@y than it does to be openly straight!

        And you’re too scared to even use your own nick!

        Nice going girlfriend, you made yourself look like a Big F@t Dura!

        • Tauper says:

          My bad, HAG, I forgot about you Z00philes and that it takes even more b@lls to be an openingly beast fukker like you! You may now go back to your farm…boy!

  7. eger_666 says:


  8. D.K. says:

    Pretty amazing how 50 year old installations can be modernized to provide accurate scientific data. Also the fact that its rotating base is that of a naval ship makes this installation very unique from a mechanical standpoint. This is a great example of how ingenuity and proper maintenance can render what would otherwise be called obsolete pieces of technology into modern scientific instruments. Definitely one of the more interesting articles that has been posted in a while!!!

  9. Kirov says:


  10. Tauper says:

    Fascinating Post! :)

  11. are you kidding says:

    The propaganda never ceases to amaze me .

  12. Ugly American says:

    Very cool.

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