33 Central Armed Forces Museum

Central Armed Forces Museum

Posted on January 11, 2010 by team


Let us have a look at the exhibits of Central Armed Forces Museum.

English rifles, turnout 1914, 1937.


A German Mauser gun, 6,35mm, turnout 1910-1914. From a private collection of I. Stalin.


7,62mm aircraft machine gun of Shpitalny and Komarinsky system.




Machine gun MG-34, Germany.


7,62mm – Schmeisser submachine gun, turnout 1944, MP-44, “Sturmgewehr”, Germany.





Missiles development has been launched in the USSR since the 20s. The first samples were made in 1938 for aircrafts arming. At the same time there was started the development of multiple launch rocket system for the land arms. BM-13 was made by a group of engineers under auspices of I. Gvai. In June, 21st , 1941, there was made up a decision about the series manufacturing. In the guard mortar unit effective there were 38 separate battalions, 114 regiments, 11 maintenance parties and 7 divisions of rocket artillery.


7,63mm Mauser gun, turnout 1896, K-96, model 1912.


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33 Responses to “Central Armed Forces Museum”

  1. From Finland with love says:

    Great article, I like it! :D

  2. perristalsis says:

    Ah yes, the “Sturmgewehr”, world’s first operational assault rifle, an idea taken to unprecedented success by Kalashnikov.

    My favorite, the Colt 1911, semi- automatic pistol, highly reliable, easy to maintain, .45 caliber- you get hit with that, you don’t get back up. It would still be in use today by U.S. forces except it isn’t compliant with NATO.

  3. Qawi says:

    Gotta love these museum shots, BUT you made a pretty big mistake with the MP44. It’s the worlds first assault rifle, not an SMG. A milestone of sorts which makes the mistake bad.

  4. Miike says:

    If you’re ever in the states, go see the US Military Academy Arms Museum in upstate New York… awesome.

  5. Lenin-McCarthy says:

    You forgot Gary Power’s U-2 aircraft. Very interesting exhibit!

  6. le3yonk says:

    WOW wonderful Museum

    thanks for sharing

  7. Luis says:

    Very good, man. English, german, americans and russian weapons, all together.

  8. CZenda says:

    Picture 36 very possibly shows Vz.26 Czech machine-gun made under license in GB as “BREN” (BRno-ENfield). The weapon was also used by Wehrmacht after the Munich Betrayal.
    It is quite funny when the admin tries to convert the well-known .45 to 11,43 mm :-D
    What is the caption under M-16?

  9. Brad M says:

    This focused on just the weapons. There was so much more interesting stuff in the museum.

    All the German Standards, including Hitler’s.

    Khukov’s Star’s of Russia, including one that looked to be unique to him.

    The U2 spy plane that was shot down.

    Even the mobile kitchen exhibit was kinda cool. This is just weaponry…some of it was cool…but most of it was just….guns.

  10. Taupey says:

    I like the sabres. It sounds like a wonderful museum. Thank you for the post. :)

  11. SSSR says:

    The Germans make nice hand guns.I know a guy who has a German .45 hand gun that can be shot by right and left handed people.The tip of the barrel is vented to reduce the recoil.I only held it for 30 seconds,I wish I owned it.

  12. svd says:

    where can i buy svd? are they legal for hunting?

  13. Musa says:

    Russians are the masters of copycat culture! ! ! ! !space shuttle,concord,ak 47 and numerous examples of their “in depth” research and development! ! ! ! ! inspiring is other thing but 99.999999999 inspired finished “product” is another thing.May God help them for their original ideas! ! ! ! !

  14. Stalin says:

    YOu are kind of nut crackers man. You gonna eat some of my weaponry for kindness. DO no to try to achieve any kind of forgivness from me.

  15. From Finland with love says:


    Fake Musa! Why are you doing this? Trolls are bad. What would your (grand)parents say if they’d know what you do online?

    • Musa says:

      1st – Finnish where the Hell is my comment?
      2nd – Who is real Troll, Fake Musa on this comment No. 13?

      3rd – NO I will not talk guns anymore because you will just accuse me of working for Blackwater/Xe Services or the US Govt, call me all sorts of bad things in Russian when I already tell you I work for no one except myself!

    • From America With Love says:

      What would your (grand)parents say if they’d know what you do online?

    • Musa says:

      LOL Stop goofying off and give me answer!

  16. From Finland with love says:

    What is going on in here? :/

  17. svoby says:

    What is written on that piece of wall form Reichstag? (Thanks in advance).

    Nice photos! :)

  18. homa says:

    I have one antique iron chest with gear lock in door that’s belong to Russia , about 150_200 years ago . It was used in Russian Army for saving money . If you are interested , I can send for you some pictures of it and please give me some information if you know another one wants it .
    Thanks a lot

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