20 Story of One Photo 5

Story of One Photo 5

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Here we have one more photo for the “story of one photo” post. As you might already recognized one

lady here is the ex-first lady of America, the wife of the assassinated president Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, later

married to Greek shipping tycoon Onassis.

But who is the lady on the right? It can be clear seen that it is some Russia woman, in some dress many Russian older women

still are wearing nowadays when doing their household chores etc. So maybe that’s a meeting of the US First Lady with some working

class Russian women delegation?

The answer is wrong. This is not a worker lady, but a First Lady too, the Soviet First Lady of that times, Mrs. Kruschev the wife of the

Soviet leader Kruschev remarkable for his speech in the UN when he took of one of his shoes and smashed it in the tribune in order to

make his speech sound more expressive, if it was not enough yet. He was at power during the Caribbean crisis also.

Then looking on those two it can be seen what was the real difference between two lifestyles of the two countries at that times. It’s hard to say

how much has been changed during the times of the Communism fall and then twenty years of current Russia as we know it. It’s clear

that nowadays the Russian First Lady would never wear something like this, at least when going public, but it’s totally not clear if that’s good

sign or bad sign.

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20 Responses to “Story of One Photo 5”

  1. Gorbatschow says:


  2. Tauper says:

    That’s too bad she wasn’t allowed or didn’t choose to wear something more appropriate for their meeting/photograph! Sorry but I wouldn’t even clean house or sleep in something that ugly!

  3. Ones says:

    Ugh…. Ugly 1st lady

  4. perristalsis says:

    “We will bury you”. That one sentence and the shoe thing did more to frighten Americans into believing that raving lunatic of a Russian leader would “press the button” without hesitation.It spawned a rush to build backyard bomb shelters; my uncle bought a house at the time and the builder threw one in for free. I remember the discussions of would you shoot your neighbor if he tried to take shelter with you in yours. Glad them days is over.

    • Ximlania says:

      That’s,we called “balance of power” ! ! ! ! ! ! !Soviets were cruel,”ugly”looking,bad mannered and really bad in every field! ! ! !BUTTTTTTTT Soviets did remarkable balance and counter balance in entire cold war era.i love Khrushchev for his introduction of “shoes” in power politics! ! ! ! !

    • Leo Petr says:

      The sad thing is that “We will bury you” is a mistranslation. The real phrase is more like “We will attend your funeral” in the sense of “Your American system will wither and die but Soviet Communism will remain and so we will be there to see your death and to carry your casket in the funeral procession.”

      • perristalsis says:

        Leo, you’re likely right, I’m sure the phrase was selectively “interpreted” for maximum effect. still too, Nikita takes credit for “throwing the first shoe” as it were in politics, as our former president Bush came to know.

    • Cracker says:

      Ronald Regan caused the same reaction with the Soviets when he called them “The Evil Empire” in the mid 1980’s.

    • DouglasUrantia says:

      I’m glad those old days are over BUT today it is much the same. You never know when a restaurant, bus, train, or plane will blow up by a bomb and kill everyone. It is called Asymmetrical Warfare. The frontlines are EVERYWHERE.

      Has peace come to this planet…..not yet. I give it another thousand years for peace to break out.

      • Ximlania says:

        The main cause of global unrest is “military based industry”.control the so called “industry” and see the peaceful world! ! ! ! ! ! !

  5. Matt says:

    More Russian fashions…


    I’m pretty sure this isn’t normal…

    My mother always laughed about my grandmother’s preparations for a nuclear war: she bought a solitary tin of dried mushrooms and stored it in the medicine cabinet in her bathroom. Maybe she was planning to hide behind it when the bomb went off.
    My parents said we’d all be killed if the three minute warning went off for real, so they’d go outside and watch the fireworks. May as well have a good view of the final act.

  6. Alexg says:

    Now it is completely opposite, I am talking about Bush junior. Uneducated red necks meet with high class people(pretty much any people).

  7. CZenda says:

    The first Soviet leader who understood the power of Western media was Gorby. Too bad Russians hate him and love Putler.

  8. Alex says:

    Does anyone remember when Khrushchyov came back from the states and he ordered to Agriculture Bureau to make and sell Corn bread only, to prove that we can live on Corn bred also. It lasted for 3 months, you could not buy any other kind of bread buy Corn bread only. We Russians hated it. And all because he saw that US is growing corn and making bread of it.

  9. hfh says:

    That Soviet chick in the middle looks hot in comparison to those imperialist monsters.

  10. slava! says:

    So typical, Kruschev was a farm-boy put to lead the nation. What would one expect his wife to be? a princess?

  11. limpieza says:

    your article is very useful

  12. Chorcentrum says:

    Hast du noch mehr zu dem Thema geschrieben? Gleich mal das blog durchsuchen.. ;)

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