13 Frost and boiling water effect

Frost and boiling water effect

Posted on January 7, 2010 by team


Powerful burst main has recently happened in St. Petersburg near the metro station Bolsheviks’ prospect. Some cars were flooded over bumpers, people had to wait for an hour till they were saved. The visibility was so insignificant that it was almost impossible to see even your hands. Some passers-by suffered burns, about fifteen people suffered injuries and about four were hospitalized on the gate. People simply couldn’t see where they went. Besides, clothes got wet through and people were in freezing temperatures.

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  1. SSSR says:

    1 minute after this posted!!!!

  2. Tauper says:

    I hate being “FIRST”…makes me feel like some eager @ss fool who spends his every waking hour clicking the refresh button in hopes to be F=I=R=S=T!


  3. Tauper says:

    Interesting Post, Surreal…Thanks!

    I hope the people injuried recover quickly.

  4. Ones says:

    What is blowing up there??

  5. Woland says:

    In the 8th picture there is a billboard that reads :

    Happy New Year 2011 !

    Now this is proof of the existence of a time machine in possession of your staff.

    Good to know though that the Earth will survive another year.

  6. Ryan says:

    amazing pics.
    Thank for sharing

  7. its cool picture!!!
    open this link…
    thanx a lot..

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