Russian policeman and a girl

32 To Give or not to Give?

To Give or not to Give?

"Hey young lady, it looks like you have broken three traffic rules at once
and..." After second or two: "Sorry miss, my fault, fare well!"

13 Taverns of Imperial Russia

Taverns of Imperial Russia

It is well-known that Russia is rich in different sport activities, most of them are winter ones but there also some sports that are year-round. One of such year-round "sports" is called drinking. But if one would look at the nowadays Russian youngsters
drinking in the streets or at their apartments it is not a tricky thing to think that there is no drinking culture in modern Russia at all. Actually, it is not true and in this article we’re going to demystify that common delusion.

9 Light saber photo-trick

Light saber photo-trick

Light drawing technique is called “freezelight” or “light graphic”. In a fully darkened room or in the night street the camera is tripod-borne.  The prolonged keeping is set, usually from 30 sec. to some minutes and in the camera
view various objects or patterns are drawn. Anything can serve as a light tool or “a brush” – flashlights, Bengal fires, fireworks… In this particular case, for BMW123d exposure, a light saber has been assembled.
28 Afghan War Soldier Refresher

Afghan War Soldier Refresher

Back in the 80’s when the Soviet-Afghan War was burning hard and the Soviet Union was keeping the field, all Soviet soldiers in Afghan
were given a refresher to know how to behave themselves in the alien society for them and how to carry themselves with strangers.

33 A Flashback

A Flashback

A good deal of time had passed since the country of the Soviet Union shined on the map of the world. And though it has been a lot of water under the bridge, some people keep finding photos of old Russia, and if to be more exact, photos of old Moscow and its region. One never knows when he would
find a pack of the old photos, whether it would be a dump or even his own apartments. Such masterpieces of anonymous photographers illuminate us about how it was in the old times and so we can compare it with what we have nowadays and make some conclusions for ourselves.
Moscow, 1960s
12 More Pictures of Soviet 1960s by Mark Riboud

More Pictures of Soviet 1960s by Mark Riboud

Moscow, 1960s This is our fourth post devoted to Marc Riboud, an out­stand­ing French pho­tog­ra­pher, who trav­eled exten­sively through­out the Soviet Union.  His images
cap­tured an array of every­day life episodes from the lives of the Soviet peo­ple.  As always, click on the mag­ni­fy­ing glass icon to see the pho­tos in detail.

116 Collision of Religions

Collision of Religions

Every big city is international and it is impossible to avoid that. Once a city has peopled and population limit exceeded at least several millions, a sea of immigrants in the search of work and easy money start flooding the city out
and it becomes hectic and busy. As soon as such a thing has already happened, it would be hardly possible to prevent the collision of different religions because most of people around anyone of us are not alike.

64 The Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Monument Is Raised in Moscow

The Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Monument Is Raised in Moscow

The famous sculpture has been installed onto its new pedestal on 28th November. It was originally created in 1937 by the soviet sculptor Vera Mukhina
especially for the World Fair in Paris. This 25 meters high sculptural composition was to crown a huge Soviet pavilion at the bank of Siene River.

77 The Winter War

The Winter War

Today we have one more documental article for you. In this article you will find out some details and information about not so limelighted, but still, about
the war that was stuck down into the record of our history quite tight. Russian-Finnish War 1939-1940 or as it called otherwise – the Winter War.

38 Socializing with Bears

Socializing with Bears

At the very eastern part of Russia, where lands of the USA and the Russian Federation nearly adjoining each other and only small
neck splits these two spacious countries, there are Chukotka peninsula and the Chukotka autonomous district situated.

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