13 Hootch Stills Extermination

Hootch Stills Extermination

There are still a lot of people in Russia who are no enemy to free-load. Mostly they are elderly living in suburbs and country. Recently in Jitomir region, Ukraine, local police exterminated 110 hootch stills which they seized from locals just for
10 days. On the whole there were confiscated more than 6 liters of home-brew samogon, more than 140 liters of samogon yeast and more than 1400 samogon stills as well and breakers paid more than 185,000 hryvna ($25,000) for them.

26 Russia’s Reindeer-herdsmen

Russia’s Reindeer-herdsmen

272 miles long peninsula Yamal in Siberia is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is also mother soil for vagrant tribes, the Nenets people. Their main occupation is reindeer breeding and all they have are reindeer, because they build
houses of reindeer skin and make their clothes of it. There are a few thousand of herdsmen on the peninsula who have more than 500,000 reindeer. But presently their traditional occupation is at stake owing to global warming and climate change.
16 The Soviet New Year’s menu with a smell of nostalgia

The Soviet New Year’s menu with a smell of nostalgia

Many Soviet people used to have one-type New Year’s menu and it was explained by a poor variety of products at stores. That is why they still
remember that special “New Year’s smell” – “Olivye” and “Vinegret” salads and tangarines. Eh, what was the time – the 80s…
27 The Ukrainian pattern of astrology

The Ukrainian pattern of astrology

The Ukrainian Zodiac - probably the most exotic horoscope
you have ever seen. Can you find your zodiacal sign?
12 Chief of the Reds with a Ukrainian accent

Chief of the Reds with a Ukrainian accent

A popular Russian TV program “Wait for me”, helping people to find their lost friends and relatives, was requested by a citizen of
Poltava, Ukraine - Olga Ruban. She was asking to find her uncle, a military pilot Ivan Datsenko, who had disappeared during the war.
19 Embossing technique

Embossing technique

Embossing technique is applied in Iran to make ware, ornamental panels, various jewelry – the things that are so popular among the
tourists. Like most of the merchandise embossed goods are made right next to souvenir shops, so we can watch a master working.
22 Growing mushrooms at home – detailed recommendations

Growing mushrooms at home – detailed recommendations

If you have some thirst for creativity, why not try to
grow something? Why not mushrooms? Why not at home?
43 Leonid Rogozov – a hero-surgeon

Leonid Rogozov – a hero-surgeon

In April, 29th, 1961 a doctor of the 6th Soviet Antarctic expedition Leonid Rogozov aged 27 felt pain in a right lower belly and fever. The next day brought only exasperation. Having no chance to call a plane and being the only
doctor at the station “Novolazarevskaya”, at night, in April, 30th the surgeon made an appendix removal operation on himself using local anesthesia. He was assisted by an engineer and the station’s meteorologist.
13 Really Fab Crossing

Really Fab Crossing

As Russia’s territory is quite spacious one and it holds lots of unsolved mysteries in it, there are plenty people striving to puzzle them out. Tourism is quite a popular sport in Russia; but what would one do
if traveling somewhere nearby the boarders of China and Russia he needs to cross the river and put his car across is well. You would think, what’s the problem? But the bridge is a cable one…

118 All This Dubai

All This Dubai

While being on business in the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, one Russian traveler and photographer decided not to spare a chance and made a helicopter trip around the center of the city to make a photo-story. To say that
the city is rich means not to say anything. Dubai literally shines with luxury, mile-high skyscrapers and hi-tech facilities. These shots will carry you to the world of an incredible beauty with its fairy-like views.

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