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Posted on December 31, 2009 by team


Few days ago in Vladivostok there was Christmas tree erected. And so gracious and beautiful it was, not to say that it was the most expensive Christmas tree in the whole Russia. But as the weather was fierce and sea wind was blowing really heavy, accidentally it fell down. No casualties, of course. But what would one do if there is one day till the New Year and there is no Christmas tree at all. It is perfectly clear! Set new tree, shabby one!



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20 Responses to “Oops”

  1. perristalsis says:

    An ominous portent?

  2. lietuva says:

    Oh wow they do have Charlie Brown x-mas trees in russia

  3. CONNIE says:

    the biggest damn Charlie brown tree I have ever seen.

  4. DouglasUrantia says:

    I laughed but I shouldn’t have.

    The replacement is more than shabby….it’s half dead….lol

  5. Ximlania says:

    Made in china ! ! ! ! !

  6. P. Manikin says:

    Don’t they have enough proper trees up there to use as a replacement ?

  7. Sviatitel Nikolai says:

    That’s pathetic!

    • SSSR says:

      Where is Musa?I miss her telling me off!

      • Tauper says:

        She’s out running the streets with her friends…

        LMAO Finnish has gone and HACKED my CrackBerry! How the Hell you do that Finnish…that’s so funny!

        • SSSR says:

          How do you know it is him?I don’t think he controls anything.
          Did he somehow get your password or username?Some web sites can take control of your internet browser.How can he control your CB?What is your CB doing?I ran into the moderation on the ornament page!

  8. The ladies at River Palace are still wearing tiny skirts despite the cold

  9. bogdan says:

    could you make a list of top 20 places you must visit in russia? because i am from romania and i really want to visit this summer some places there . thanks in advance :) . by the way great site .

  10. Estonianguy says:

    The new tree has a lot more personality than the one that fell down – It´s cool in its own way. And a happy new year to EnglishRussia staff and readers from Estonia. You rock! ;)

  11. Sasha Pasha Pasha says:


    Search the website for the seven wonders of Russia.

  12. Sasha Pasha Pasha says:

    Here is the link:


  13. bogdan says:

    thanks sasha

  14. w says:

    shabby town shabby tree

  15. sheffield says:

    it’s not replacement, but another tree used for reinforce main tree, add some branches instead of broken, and so on

  16. Their climber was so skilled it made taking down the diseased tree look easy. We have had some real winners?!?!?

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