37 1947 Stalingrad; American Journalists’ Viewpoint

1947 Stalingrad; American Journalists’ Viewpoint

Posted on December 17, 2009 by team




And some other swell shots that were made by the hands of skilful American journalists:




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37 Responses to “1947 Stalingrad; American Journalists’ Viewpoint”

  1. Kirov says:

    Now those women are built like women should be!

  2. JCR says:

    One of the german POWs might be my grandfather.
    He was in Stalingrad doing reconstruction work at the time (he wasn’t there as a soldier, he only served from late 1943 on)

  3. martisco says:

    Amazing photos, the Russian people went thru so much in WW2…

    Perristalsis, photos were taken in 1947- 4 years AFTER the siege. I would imagine they had some food aid by then!

    • perristalsis says:

      It looks like our beloved site had a system crash and was restored from earlier backup, too bad a lot of good discussion was lost. Already answered your post back then Martisco, so I won’t repeat it here.

  4. Musa says:

    WOW! DAMN! That’s sad so many lives and families was destroyed forever!

  5. D.K. says:

    Interesting photographs! It’s incredible to see the scale of the destruction and just how long it took to rebuild the city. Also nice rare photographs of German POWs, you don’t usually see them.

  6. curt1956 says:

    1947 & Stalin has German POWs working at slave labour. And I thought the Nazis were cruel!!!!

    • KT315 says:

      Many of them were not just prisoners of war, but war criminals. Some were sentenced to the maximum term. Prison term ends only in the late ’70s. But Khrushchev in 1955 pardoned them, and all they returned to Germany.

      • MexicanSemperFi says:

        From military history I have taken (now this can be biased)from the Panzer divison and 6th German divison, only about 6,000 of them ever made it home. On the original note; I had the chance to visit the museum tributed to Stalingrad. I thought the city was destroyed but not leveled. Stalin used re-inforced concrete to build most building’s, hence supported the aerial bombing,mortar’s and shelling. My two cent’s.

    • Al says:

      What do you people expect? You can come on our land, kill our children and than come home alive?

  7. CZenda says:

    The story of US journalists in the USSR during/after WWII is rather interesting. IIRC, US journalists in Moscow spent whole war in a hotel assigned to them and were not allowed to do anything but rewriting official statements in English…
    Stalin´s paranoia prevented them e.g. from taking pictures/writing about the Kursk Battle. This is supposedly one of the reasons why the epic clash remains generally unknown in the USA.

  8. Kirov says:

    Moderator and admin 2 jewbags.

  9. Otis R. Needleman says:

    I have always hated Communism but have always highly respected the Russian people. They have gone through trials that we Americans should thank God never happened to us. The Russians are tough and good people.

  10. Gorby says:

    You know I think life may have already published these photos…

  11. Musa says:

    Putingrad,Medvedovgrad and Yeltsingrad also destroyed by enemy.R I P

  12. aca says:

    there are people smiling there, i admire them.

    I think I would have never survived in a hard time as that. I would have never survived any time before 1960 probably either…

  13. Nice pictures of ussr. I need to watch more and more Thanks.

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  15. tranny fan says:

    Wow , please do us a favour and post some more stuff like this one ! thank you a lot

  16. you all forget the only reason the russians won was the lend lease of america and england, especially the radio and communication equipment for the t-34. and the fighter and b-25 and 33s for the air forc. but what saved them was the spam and food aid, by the millions of tons. I know a tank gunner for the russian that said they had a boxes of spam and put the cans on the manifold of the engine and actually got fat from it. and the geremans starved to death.!!!

  17. Boma says:

    my grandmother worked this way (turner)in WW2

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