28 “Stolby” of Krasnoyarsk, the weekend extreme.

“Stolby” of Krasnoyarsk, the weekend extreme.

Posted on December 15, 2009 by team


About 7 km from Krasnoyarsk there is a wonderful nature reserve “Stolby”. It is a kingdom of taiga and fanciful rocks. Each weekend thousands of Krasnoyarsk citizens come to this place. Students, schoolchildren, mid-level managers – they all conquer the rocks equally with professionals and do not consider themselves to be supermen…

The first what we see having come to “Stolby” is this cute chapel. On the photo behind the chapel you can see some kind of “the memory wall” put up in honor of the dead “stolbysts”.


“Slonik” is the first stone meeting you near the rocks. The required minimum for a newcomer is to climb this “Slonik”. By the way, professionals can even run onto it or … climb head over heels with help of hands.


Further is the extreme of different difficulty level depending on your adventurism. These girls seem to be on “Stolby” for the first time and they are not strung up much about the cleft 15 meters deep under their feet.


Incidentally there’s some lowdown area where you have to cling fast to the rock. But the girl on the photo has already successfully passed it.


“ Stolby” are rather popular with Krasnoyarsk citizens. And the age does not hinder. Cheerful babushkas are often met among the rocks walking. And the kids are “delivered” up in a great number of ways.


On the weekends “Stolby” are simply overcrowded and in the narrow parts of the rocks real jams appear.


Such a jump may be done by anyone, though to onlookers it looks impressive. The most important is to be sure that the rock is not wet or covered with hoarfrost. And the shoes should be good, with slip-proof soles.


And here is a pro. The best shoes for “stolbysts” used to be ordinary galoshes, now usually special shoes for the rock extreme on the same rubber sole are used.



Below are the most famous symbols of “Stolby” – “Old man” and “Feathers”. “Feathers” is the most difficult object for climbing.



Near “Stolby” there’s much life: chipmunks, squirrels, bears… In a hungry 2008 year bears even came to the excursion part of “Stolby” and drove tourists on the rocks. MES service was called and a bear injured one officer. Below is “the shark” stone, does it really look like a shark?


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28 Responses to ““Stolby” of Krasnoyarsk, the weekend extreme.”

  1. Lenin-McCarthy says:

    There is a place like this in Montana…

  2. Russian in Russia says:

    We really have the nicest country of the world. When i see how everything is detstroyed in US.

    • Thracian says:

      You might be Russian but I think you are not living in Russia!

      Maybe you live in a place of two cities of same name, an old city and a new city!
      Maybe I’m wrong!

      Still your are adorable!

  3. Axr says:

    Our Russia is really the nicest place to live compared to US. Russia is wonderful

  4. Eric Calabros says:

    these guys are crazy

  5. Ivan Mikhailov says:

    More info can be found at http://www.stolby.ru/ (but no English texts there, sorry)

  6. João from Brazil says:

    These guys are right. Their country is really wonderful, not as the US are.

  7. DouglasUrantia says:

    Oh please…..both US and Russia have wonderful places to visit and enjoy.

  8. Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

    Lets start a flame war. Lets bash each other!

    • Ivana Benderova says:

      Oh yes Denali… In 1867 the U.S. bought Alaska (1.5 million sq km)from Russia for the bargain sum of $7.2 million USD$, or about two cents per acre.

      Thanks dumba$$es!

  9. R.Lee.Ermeyy says:

    Have any of you ever even been to the USA? I guess not. I sugesst you come and take a look at: Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone, Glacier, Denali etc. etc.

  10. Taupey says:

    WOW This is beautiful! Wonderful post!

  11. R.Lee.Ermeyy says:

    Rock climbing, with out helmets and rope is not wise…

  12. R.Lee.Ermeyy says:

    In any country. (see above)

  13. Lenin-McCarthy says:

    One thing the Russian Federation government should do is establish some National Parks starting in the Kamchatka peninsula, Lake Baikal and some other unique natural areas. As it stands Russia has nonational parks, just UNESCO sites.

  14. Musa says:

    It’s fascinating to sit quietly and watch natural landscape change from dawn to dusk.

    It is always remarkably beautiful from one moment to the next.

    Thank You for fantastic post. Please give us more post like this okay.

  15. are you kidding says:

    ya Russia is a nice place if you like how yall drained one of the worlds largest fresh water lakes,covered part of western europe in radiation,killed millions to force millions into commie slaves and still continue to dump raw sewage and chemicals into your rivers and lakes .
    One of the only reasons most parts in the russian federation and its former forced to be commie states is nice is because so few were allowed to go there and so much wealth was spent on false enemy’s that were figments of yalls mind that there was few resources to build any transportation infrastructure that would have mirrored any free western nation .

  16. Greg says:

    Cool ! I went there this summer, it was so nice.. There is a ski station reachable by foot nearby.
    Beware of the bees there, theyr bite is quite strong!

  17. tr says:


    that picture is photoshopped – the rock was pasted in. Look at the weird lighting at the bottom of the rock.

  18. Musa says:

    Finnish are you there? Me and Taupey have bet, are you Virgo or Gemini?

  19. You guys rock! Best. Product. Ever! I wish I would have thought of it first.

  20. Hterne says:

    Very beautiful area. Same “small” rocks in the forest of Fontainebleau (50 km south of Paris – France), to practice this amazing activity.

  21. LT says:

    Wonderful photographs!

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