14 Volgodonsk Nuclear Power Plant

Volgodonsk Nuclear Power Plant

Posted on December 13, 2009 by team


Volgodonsk NPP is a facility located near Volgodonsk city, in Rostov region. It is considered to be one of the largest plants in the southern part of Russia, which provides 15% of annual production for the whole region. And on December 5, direction of the plant allowed a mob of Russian bloggers to take an excursion to the facility and study out what is what.


Here is a bit of history. In 1977 building works began but in 1990 due to the disaster at Chernobyl APP and poor economic conditions the construction was suspended. Notably that the readiness of the 1-st unit was 95% and 50% of the 2-nd respectively. Then in 1998 the construction project was updated and by the middle of 2001 first unit was finished and successfully hooked up. In 2002, the building of second supply unit was continued and its starting was scheduled for the beginning of 2010. Moreover, in the middle of 2009 they issued a license for construction of 3-rd and 4-th power generating units and the building of the former has already begun.



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  1. cia says:


    F I R S T !!!!

    I win! I win!!


    Is this all there is at the top?

  2. Musa says:

    LOL I will keep you company so you won’t be lonely. :)

  3. Openeyed says:

    This would be a good site for another STALKER game!

  4. Ones says:

    4th …. hahaha

  5. Swede says:

    Those things are steam turbines driving the generator on a common axle. The reactor is in an adjacent building. I’ve been inside two NPP’s.

  6. Musa says:

    You know to tell you truth, I think all this would be more interesting to me if I’d seen it in person. But with just a few words here and there, I don’t like it because I don’t know so much about this nuclear power. Maybe I will read about it so I have basic understanding of it. Then I can appreciate these photos.

  7. eSStonia says:

    Nice idea about the mirror! But I’d say more accurate interpretation would sound like “resposible for safety”, not security.

    • D.K. says:

      Yea I think it is a very neat idea, certainly don’t see anything like that anywhere else. Kudos to the guy who came up with it.

  8. Taupey says:

    Is the information/education area open to the public now?

    It looks fascinating!

    Thanks to the photographer and ER Admin for sharing pictures and post.

  9. Thera says:

    0.08, that’s pretty low indeed

  10. American Rover says:


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  12. I just wanted to say thanks for writing this post. I was reading up about this last week- you’re post has clarified a number of questions I couldn’t find elsewhere- thanks!

  13. hi thank you for that wonderful article about plants .

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