9 Light saber photo-trick

Light saber photo-trick

Posted on December 11, 2009 by team


Light drawing technique is called “freezelight” or “light graphic”. In a fully darkened room or in the night street the camera is tripod-borne.  The prolonged keeping is set, usually from 30 sec. to some minutes and in the camera view various objects or patterns are drawn. Anything can serve as a light tool or “a brush” – flashlights, Bengal fires, fireworks… In this particular case, for BMW123d exposure, a light saber has been assembled.

All the components have been easily found in the ordinary market of auto parts.


In order to assemble a light saber we need:

- 12V lead-accumulator;

- accumulator charger;

- LED linear 1m long;

- bamboo chopstick;

- black tape;

- button;

- plastic box;

- wide sticky tape;

- wires;

- connectors.

The total cost of all these things has made up 2000 RUR (about 69 USD), but surely you can “contrive” to spend 1000 RUR only for a button.


LED linear can be of warm or cold white color, multi-colored and RGB (with remote control), they also differ in LED disposing frequency on the linear and intensity. In our case RGB LED linear has been used. It is more expensive than one-color linear but it gives more interesting effects. By means of a control panel some LED operation modes can be mixed, the most interesting final effect is called “rainbow”.


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9 Responses to “Light saber photo-trick”

  1. Vadim says:

    “Bengal lights” = sparklers in english

  2. Ximlania says:


  3. Taupey says:

    Beautiful Effects!

  4. Anvar says:

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    You don’t have rights to use this images and especcially crop out copyright marks.
    You have 24 hours to remove all images, otherwise legal actions will be taken.

  5. cia says:

    What effects? I see these things all the time!

    (Just kidding.)

  6. Musa says:

    LOL, that would be freaky to be surrounded by these lights stoned!

  7. DurkaDurka says:

    Sure you could spend 70$ USD for a light-saber or you could spend 40$ for some acid and get the same results.

  8. Anthony L says:

    I have visited your port before. The more I take in, the more I keep coming back!

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