Russian guy on rails at metro

21 Buddy on Rails

Buddy on Rails

Going to the subway last tuesday was problematic in St. Petersburg because trains got stuck at one station without any chance coming to others in time. The young buddy sitting on the rails was the cause. As officially declared this was thought to be a suicide attempt but rational thinkers from the platform started giving him advices that it's
more effective for him would be to grab the rails with his both hands, then he would easily be approached to his target with the means of high voltage shock causing his suffering heart to go out of scale. Anyways he caused the subway schedule to be broken bad time so the police emerged and took him away.
Underground On the Ground
14 Underground On the Ground

Underground On the Ground

Authorities of Moscow often complain that the city is kinda gray and gloomy and it lacks some fresh and showy colors. So, in some way it’s true, the city is not so bright especially during fall and winter seasons. But not whole Moscow is like that. There is one district, situated near Babushkinskaya
subway station, which is totally different. Many houses in this neighborhood are splattered all over with graffiti. The campaign was organized by some Moscow real-state agency in 2007, and by now these bright drawings keep on satisfying the eyes of the inhabitants of this place.
Flu in Urkaine
54 Halloween Ill Mood

Halloween Ill Mood

Deserted streets. Hardly ever one or two lonely pedestrians, with their faces wrapped in bandages, hastily cross the street and hurry back to their houses, afraid to spend an extra minute outside. They won't touch each other with a ten-foot pole, won’t talk to each other even if they are good friends, they
just hustle by each other. People are in panic. People won’t get out from their homes, their TVs and radios mutter dark… something about a disastrous epidemic… something about fatal outcomes… something about the cure... None of these “somethings” sound assuring anymore.
Air Defense Museum 4
9 Air Defense Museum

Air Defense Museum

Not too far away from Moscow, in a pretty idyllic place lies a teeny village with a lovely name Zarja (Dawn). And here is
where the idyllic ends up. The village houses a Russian air forces museum, founded as far back as the USSR times.
Paris in 1970
16 Paris 1970

Paris 1970

The USSR adopted a not very friendly foreign policy and its realations between western countries were rather strained (we have already written about it here) France's relations with the Soviet Union have experienced dramatic ups and downs in 70’s. France was a popular destination for Russian migration for two reasons: cultural interest, which
was reinforced after the Russian occupation of Paris; and liberalization, which made it easier for Russians to settle in the country. Even though there were still political problems and in October 1985 previous Soviet president Gorbachev made a visit to France in order to fix the strains in the Franco-Soviet relations.
Museum of Long-Range Aviation
21 Museum of Long-Range Aviation

Museum of Long-Range Aviation

Dyagilevo is an air base in Ryazanskaya region, located 11 km to the west from Ryazan. There is the Distant Aviation Museum on the base where we will travel today. Let’s start our excursion
from TU-95, the soviet strategic missile bomber, one of the fastest planes that became a symbol of the Cold War. Russian Bear was made to attack anytime of a day, at any weather.
36 $250,000 Worth of Vodka

$250,000 Worth of Vodka

It's no surprise that somewhere in Russia there are huge warehouses fully stacked with vodka and whiskey crates. It's normal for many other countries too. And here you
can see how $250,000 worth of vodka getting ruined in two seconds time. Luckily there were no casualties at all, just a few punches on one guy's leg.
Russian salt lakes
17 The Sea of Salty Lakes

The Sea of Salty Lakes

As every one of us knows, the land of Russia is spacious and it has almost any kind of scenery. From the very west end of the country and to the east end of it you can find almost all types of majestic landscapes. Today we will shift to the south edge of Russia, near the border with Kazakhstan, where the city of Astrakhan’ is located. The weather in this region is warm, mostly even hot, almost all year round… but the thing pictured on these shots
doesn’t look like it was shot somewhere in a hot place at all. I would even say that a person who doesn’t know anything about this spot would think that this is somewhere in Antarctic. Or in the prairies of the USA with a piece of Antarctic landscape. From a bird’s eye view the area looks fascinating, as if there was some kind of a sea long ago, and then it dried to the ground and now being deserted.
Russian city Rostov, fish market there
24 Rostov City Fish Market

Rostov City Fish Market

In Russia there are two Rostov cities. One is a small town somewhere near Moscow and another is Rostov-On-Don a large Southern Russian city standing on the wide Don river and was called Rostov-the-Dad on criminal slang in Soviet times. Just because it stands on the major river it has plenty of fish available there so there is a special
fish market located next to the big local church where you can buy not just regular fish but easily get some species that belong to Internationa Red List of Endangered Species and it is cheap. And of course you can get Russian caviar, packed in just plastic boxes as much as you want. And it is cheap too.

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