10 Tricky Russian Sandwiches

Tricky Russian Sandwiches

There is one sacred rule in cooking: to make a delicious and healthy dish you need to cook it with good spirits on. And one more thing
that is never too many. This is creativity and if you add several spoons of that to your recipe it won’t do any harm at all.
Russian Old Cars
11 Monsters of the Epoch – Forced Invention

Monsters of the Epoch – Forced Invention

For intra-factory needs it’s not always convenient and profitable to use ordinary equipment (tractors, pushers, loaders etc.) due to many vital reasons – either transportation of heavy details and aggregates from shop to shop or banal tightness of money for specialized machinery), besides, as a rule, there are a lot of unutilized materials such as spare parts or simply written-off
equipment that hasn’t been cut to metal junk yet. Necessity is the mother of invention and it’s not a secret – Russians are fertile with brilliant ideas – that’s how so-called “stumps”, “crocodiles”, “bigheads” etc. are born into this world with the only purpose – to make human life more convenient and people’s labour easier.

82 Chinatown in Moscow?

Chinatown in Moscow?

Since the demolition of Cherkizovsky Market in Moscow this year, lots of immigrant that have been working there lost their jobs. And neighborhood where the market was located started getting more and
more Chinese with every single day. Immigrants from many countries invaded the district and since the market was demolished they lost not only their jobs but their place of living as well.
Kremlin Stars
10 History of Kremlin Stars

History of Kremlin Stars

Stars appeared on Kremlin tower not long time ago. There were golden symbols of tzarism, double eagles, in the center of the country until 1935. From 1600’s four Kremlin towers(Troitskaya, Spasskaya, Borovitskaya, Nikolskaya) were decorated with Russian state organization
symbols – enormous golden double eagles. Right after Revolution a question about replacement double eagles on red stars for Kremlin towers arose. But such replacement would cost a lot that’s why it wasn’t done for the first years of the Soviet time.
32 Mushrooms in Russia

Mushrooms in Russia

Here we will talk a little bit about white mushrooms which are very famous in Russia and there are hundreds of receipts how to make them delicious and good for a table for every
occasion. Whine mushroom is a tasty mushroom which is considered to be one of the best ones in general. It can be used for all types of cooking and for marinade.

35 Dragunov Sniper Rifle

Dragunov Sniper Rifle

This grave-looking thing is a sniper rifle and is designed for extermination of any emerging, open, masking and any other targets in motion. It is a
self-loading rifle and accurate fire is provided in single shots. The size of ammo is 7,62*54R (3 inches in length and 54mm in radius.)
Russian Modern Zamok
28 Posh Palace in the Moscow Region

Posh Palace in the Moscow Region

A posh palace is being built on the bank of Istrin water reservoir in the Moscow region. It's a mansion looking like a huge 18th century palace, which is already informally named "Istrin mansion". Its appearance, quick
development and approximate cost were recently debated in Russian blogs. But still having some guesses about who could own such a luxury, no one has an official confirmation on who the lucky man really is.

45 Popov – Champion, Marconi – Impostor

Popov – Champion, Marconi – Impostor

Over a hundred years there is an argument in the world concerning real radio inventor. But one needs to do a little research to make it clear that Marconi had simply read Popov’s papers. The first known evidence for Marconi to be the radio inventor appeared on June 2, 1896 with his patent application to the UK Patent Office for a discovery, 13 months after Popov had delivered his lecture on radio themes
before the Russian Physical and Chemical Society members in St. Petersburg on May 7, 1895. That secret patent application #12039, inspired as they say by the UK Patent Office’s Principal examiner William Preece, the Chief Electrical Engineer of the British Post Office, however contained no diagrams and charts performed by Marconi himself but his lyrical sketches only.
Wooden Chip Artist
11 Wooden Chip Artist

Wooden Chip Artist

The bird seems frozen. The wings are spread wide. Looking so alive, it seems almost unbelievable that it is made of cembra pine wood chips. Artist Sergey Bobkov spent half a year to produce this wonderful eagle, working with practically no days off, 10 to 12 (and sometimes even 14) hours a day.
No wonder! It took about 7 thousand feathers to make the plumage! But it is definitely worth it – the result does not differ much from its living prototype. Artist’s collection consists of all kinds of birds and animals: life-size sables, squirrels, owls and so on.

24 Worker and Kolkhoz Woman

Worker and Kolkhoz Woman

This monument called Worker and Kolkhoz Woman (Rabochiy i Kolkhoznitsa) was made for one of studios in VDNKH and first time displayed in Paris in 1937. There was hold a competition for the post of a chief architect and one of the
famous Soviet architects at that time, V. I. Mukhina, won the contest. The memorial of an impressive size was created. But while transporting the statue from France to Russia after the exhibition it was heavily damaged.

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