Russian artist

35 The Church Artist

The Church Artist

Ivan Shishman is a church artist. Besides he is a father of seven and drinks sometimes. This time he has
got an order from Crimean church to make an artwork on the inside surface of its domes.
Vkontakte Images
11 Social Network Art

Social Network Art

For several years Russia, as well as other former soviet republics, together with the rest of the Internet world suffers from expansion of the social network services. For the moment the most popular
of them here is Vkontakte (“in contact”). It is often considered (without any official confirmation) that its design, style and architecture were “stolen” from Facebook.
13 How the Salt Is Mined (And Not Only Kitchen Salt!)

How the Salt Is Mined (And Not Only Kitchen Salt!)

When you are 1500 feet deep, there’s no wind, there’s no ambient sound, and there’s no sunlight as well (no wonder!). However, ride on the elevator doesn’t take too long – during these seconds you virtually see your whole life in front of your eyes. The open cage whooshes downwards swinging around like crazy and your guts really seem to come all the way up to your throat! When you’re out of the cage, you arrive to a small platform, where multiple tunnels are intercrossed. These tunnels are
made for so called “taxis”, small diesel-powered vehicles that can transport 2 to 12 men, depending on their designation. The mine uptake is only a drop in the sea of shafts, since there are lots of tunnels, which lead to actual mining sites. The most distant longwall (which is the name of the place of actual mining) is 17 miles away from the elevator! The “taxi” drives at speed of 20-25 mph, so it takes quite some time for some miners to get to work.

10 Space things

Space things

As Russia is being the first country to cross the threshold of space, it has lots of so-called “Space cities”. Usually, they are situated in some cities where the
great Soviet and Russian cosmonauts were born and all the things from astronauts’ food to the models of most renowned space shuttles are displayed there.

9 Sayano-Shushenskaya again

Sayano-Shushenskaya again

As most of you know, some several months ago a real disaster happened on the one of the biggest hydroelectric power stations in the whole Russia. There was a huge explosion which burst the outward fortified walls. It is
thought that the accident happened because of negligence on the workplace and some people are still missing. Moreover it left all nearby towns and cities without electric light at all for a few days.

15 Coalmine Insight

Coalmine Insight

There were lots of articles about some plants and factories, but unfortunately most of them were deserted and abandoned. Today we will bring you an
insight into the equally time-worn and moth-eaten plant but just with one little difference. It is not abandoned. At least not to the death.
Traditional _Russian_Transport
11 Traditional Russian Transport

Traditional Russian Transport

If they ask you which of the inventions of mankind is the most ancient, what will be your first thought? You'll definitely think about a wheel. But sledge appeared much earlier! And indeed – just tie two front ends of poles to your dog or horse and let the rear ones
drag – and you get a primitive sledge. There were so many of them created in different times – sledge without skids (Russian volokushy and Canadian toboggan) and with skids (Siberian and European), sledge with a closed body and even with a sail.
Fearsome Buratino
26 Fearsome Buratino

Fearsome Buratino

There is a quite exotic weapon in Russian army – a heavy flame-throwing system HFS-1 Buratino. According to the data provided by the Russian arms company, its barrage destroys everything that lives within a radius of 3 kilometers around its
target. Its ammunition contains mixture of liquids (propyl nitrate type) and light metals (magnesium powder). During the flight of such ammunition the mixture is being interfused with internal device in order to gain uniformity.
Russian abandoned pig city

22 Abandoned Swine City

Abandoned Swine City

With all that hype of swine flu going around these days there are big chances that sooner or later more pig farms would look like this abandoned Swine City Grande from USSR where they had thousands of thousands of piglets belonging to the glorious state and then all
was left unused. The hysteria itself hasn't reached its peak as it was with mad cow disease one when they burned down millions of cow bodies etc, but if they start doing such things someday they would get more such landscapes for sure.

28 Old good days

Old good days

Everybody knows that times of Soviet Union were really tough ones because of many different things. Shortage of goods in stores, low wages, and all the products were
the same. But there was something really dear and open-armed back then. Many people living now in entirely different country miss those times hardly.

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