13 All the Signs We Want

All the Signs We Want

Everyone knows about a dull state of Russian roads and everyday mile-long traffic jams. Guys from one of Russian magazines tried to conduct an experiment and lift the spirits of Moscow drivers up. Road signs say: 1 – Give a honk if you are in
love 2 – Put the headlights on if you are out of money 3 – Put the wipers on if you are bored 4 – Put the hazard lights on if you are sleepy 5 – Make a round turn two times if you are happy Video credits - 1

7 Get Yourself Comfy Shoes

Get Yourself Comfy Shoes

This is story of place which is definitely not for animal lovers. Everything in this place is made of genuine leather and the design of shops the same in all the countries of the world. All the photos are made in one of the Moscow high-class shoes
stores. There are such prominent people in the list of regular customers of the company as the Holy Father, John Kennedy, Yves Saint-Laurent, Pablo Picasso, Alain Delon, all the Royal Family of Elizabeth the Second and many others.
Russian Gold
41 Russian Gold Reserve

Russian Gold Reserve

Historically, gold holds its value and is the experts’ pick for diversifying your portfolio and potentially increasing its performance. In fact, gold has increased in value over 150% since 2001. As opposed to equities, which can go from very high levels down to zero in a
very short time, gold is never going to zero. When other markets collapse, gold has historically seen huge increases in value as people make a quick flight to quality. Gold investing allows individuals to accumulate assets that protect their wealth.

16 Snow Delivery

Snow Delivery

Yesterday in Moscow there was held Parallel Slalom FIS Champions Cup. The annual event is carried out in Moscow already for several years, each year in November. The jump is a huge construction of 60 meters high, 37 meters wide and 210 meters
long (195/120/690 feet.) But there is one question, where did they get such an amount of snow for the event? Since this weekend weather wasn’t so cold, about 40 F, and snow was melting quite pacey in the streets of Moscow.
52 Just Make a Leap

Just Make a Leap

The second capital city of Russia, Saint-Petersburg, can boast of beauty of its architecture. But its off-beat design is not the only thing the city can show. Also it has a great diversity of
different subcultures with lots of followers. And recently two guys from one of city’s traceur movements decided to take their chances and make the use of their city’s architecture.
Christmas Decorations
31 Klavdievskaya Factory of Christmas-Tree Decorations

Klavdievskaya Factory of Christmas-Tree Decorations

Klavdievskaya factory is one of not many that produced Christmas-tree decorations in Soviet period. The factory was founded in 1949 in Klavdievo, near Kiev and first was specialized on laboratory glass products. In 50’s it started to profile in producing
Christmas-tree decorations. Almost all of the production is exported (about 96%) to Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Great Britain, USA and etc. and only 4% stays in Ukraine. Let’s see how the process of making Christmas-tree decoration looks like.
Looking Into the Skies
12 Looking Into the Skies

Looking Into the Skies

Nowadays many people believe that the Soviet Union was the first in the field of space exploration. However, only few know that USSR also had great achievements in another close field – astronomy. During a long time the world’s biggest telescope called The Big
Azimuth Telescope or the BAT was located in this country. Moreover, it was constructed exclusively using Soviet technologies and developments, which demonstrated the country’s leadership in the field of optical instruments. Photo credits:1
Moscow City in Fog
19 Moscow City in Fog

Moscow City in Fog

Today our dish is picturesque photos taken from one of the
balconies of the business complex “Mirax Plaza” in Moscow.
Travelling Circus
11 Chapiteau


No more loud music. Actors are hidden behind the curtain. A tent circus is empty. But it only seems to be – life never quiets down here. Arena is the first thing seen by a circus child. They fall in love, fight and even pay their last tribute to the dead here. The author of these pics was lucky to come and see a real and unique circus wedding.
And of course it was celebrated at the arena. It differed from a regular wedding only in one thing – its modesty due to plain conditions of a mobile circus. The first impression is that these circus people are similar to the others. They indeed are, but barring one feature – their devotion to their occupation.

18 Worlds First Space Blogger

Worlds First Space Blogger

The online blog of astronaut Maksim Suraev is an event of international and spacewide standing. For the first time in history,
Russian cosmonaut will be posting news and different interesting stories with lots of photos straight from the outer space.

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