105 A Magnificent Flight

A Magnificent Flight

Posted on November 27, 2009 by team


I know which thing comes up to your mind when you hear word “flight”. I know, I know, that is just terrible. And especially if it is a long flight, for an instance when you need to fly between different continents which usually takes not less than 10 hours. But recently, French company AIRBUS released last model of its huge offspring, Airbus A-380. This plane changed comfort level of flights and brought it up to standard. Now, when you are on such a plane, feeling of coziness doesn’t want to leave you and your legs don’t want to make a slightest move to raise you when it is already time to get out into a dull building of an airport.


And one Russian photographer, Sergey Dolya, snatched such an opportunity to experience an incredible comfort of flying on this plane. This was prior to Paris Air Show, exactly where Sergey was bound for. And now straight to the advantages of the aircraft:

Passengers of economy and business class enter the plane through the different jet bridges and they are separated from each other when on a plane. Economy class passengers are on the first floor while the business and first class passengers are on the second.

All the passengers being given comfy socks, sleep masks and stickers to know when it is needed to wake them up. The seats can be folded out to a full-length coach and if you are 6 and half feet high it won’t be a problem to stretch your legs.

17-inch touch screen monitor, an outlet, 2 USB ports and remote with sat-phone in it. Also there is a personal remote for each seat which controls massage of seat, lighting and position of the seat.

Also on the second floor there are 2 bathrooms and 2 bar-rooms. 10 restrooms on the first floor and five on the second one. Furthermore, there are 2 stairs. One of them is grand staircase and the second is winding.

Enjoy your flight!





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105 responses to “A Magnificent Flight”

    • Prince Harry says:

      OMG Russians are so backward they cannot even manufacture their own plane and they have to fly in American Boeings and European Airbus 🙁

      • zipp says:

        you are a pointless waste of space.

      • Gumby1008 says:

        Erm this isn’t a Russian airline its from the UAE emirates, Ive flown business with them and it was fantastic, IF YOU GET A RECENTLY REFITED PLANE, i flew in an older business class and it was terrible, by comparison to newer business, and about the same as modern economy. still not a Russian company. Then again this plane has parts built all over the world, i think part of the fuselage is made in France but i know the wingtips are made in Australia, so Russia may have done a bit.

      • ZeSheo says:

        FAIL, its common knowledge that Russia is more technologically advanced than America in both military weaponry they don’t advertise and vehicle development. As an american I can say that America is a crashing market hub unfortunately, but not hopeless.

    • djkrugger says:

      When i see this i can’t stop thinking of it like a flying titanic or the Hindenburg would people learn some day?

  1. Axr says:

    OMG, I can not believe it: Do I am FIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRSSSSST!?


  2. Musa says:

    That’s the way to fly!

  3. YJ says:

    I wish we get luxury like this in America.

  4. polish jew says:

    wow…u bet no jew flies dat airline…

    • David says:

      Qatar is a big supporter of Islamic terrorist groups and yet Jews (so far) can travel to Qatar. I think Jews can still fly Emirates. Not sure in a decade from now, as Islam expands.

  5. ZeroDrop says:

    Must be the cheapest ticket EVER! Bar drinks are included?

  6. Kirov says:

    No class, as usual, Russians can be sooo lame and provincial.I am ashamed of my peasant compatriots

  7. Goku Korbitza says:

    a shower in a plane!! a SHOWER!!!!!

  8. DougW says:

    Amazing plane.

  9. Adan says:

    American so poor they don’t have own photographs to fly on A380.

  10. sfwre says:

    God damn, that guy just looks like a fat filthy hobo. He could have at least shaved and dressed properly.

  11. Kirov says:

    not my comment. My impostor.Pity him.

    • Musa says:

      Jason, fighting with you other selves in public is no good.

      Take you and you other selves and go to doctor.

      • SEVEN says:

        He uses over forty avatars, some are names of other commenters.

        He’s nothing to us other than a nut we studied for class.

        If it’s not to his liking, he can go phock his grandmother!.

        That’s all there is to it.

    • Kirov says:

      Wtf guys? Steling my name just like that? Shame on you…

  12. Axr says:

    OMG It is not tomorrow that we will see a russian plane like this one! Russian planes are called “coffin” in Ukraine.

  13. Jonas says:

    Clearly this person doesn’t travel neither first or business class, judging by the way he looks, otherwise he would know that real jet set world travelers dress decently and don’t look like homeless crackheads. I am amazed that they’ve let him board the plane looking liek this.

  14. Taupey says:

    That’s one fine airbus!

    This is a fantastic post! My thanks to the photographer and ER Admin for sharing! 🙂

  15. Wes says:

    AIRBUS it’s not French, it’s European. Spain, Germany, UK, Italy….

  16. Fred says:

    I like the forward and tail camera feeds, but I bet the pilot would switch them off in an emergency (if time!).

  17. are you kidding says:

    thats funnny part of airbus is boeing

  18. CZenda says:

    That man is definitely KGB agent. Putin paid for this visit.

  19. DougW says:

    Fantasy over. You awake in your seat. The one between two morbidly obese travelers, the screaming kid kicking the back of your seat, and the butthead that keeps his seat reclined in front of you for the entire flight. Yes hostess, I will have another vodka please.

  20. kolaps says:

    Airbus is for pussies. Real men fly with Sukhoi. 😉

  21. Kirov says:

    Real men steal a jet-pack and fly away, dressed in just a T-shirt and black socks. We call these men: Russians

  22. ppp says:

    And these religious extremists want to kill us in the west for our decadence?

  23. MJ6 says:

    Activate the KAOS program on the next comment post MJ12

    No more delays

  24. Ruska says:

    Unless I missed something he only Russian thing in all this luxury was a Russian guy who got lucky to get on the plane.
    Yes! People needs something to be proud of ! 🙂

  25. OLUT says:

    The part I couldn’t believe was the bathroom has RAZORS! They take your tweezers away but the bathrooms have disposable razors!

  26. Mat says:

    We have counted around 40 different Nicks you use, some without permission. And we’re not even done looking.

    Your nothing to us other than a class project.

    So definitely GFY and all your other selves too crazy freak.

  27. Rosen says:

    OMG…. where miss india is?? i miss her comment alot…

  28. Tom says:

    This plane reminds me of pictures of a jumbo jet with stairs going up to a bar I saw in magazines back in the 80s.They were only drawn what if someday pics,like the spacestation that looks like a big wheel with cities and people walking around in artificial gravity.

    On another note Dubai is in serious financial trouble for the next who knows how many years!

  29. Hanmurabi says:

    Airbus is not only a french company but british, german and spanish too.

  30. Mr. Tinkles says:

    NOTHING about the bomb on trails?!

    This blog is failling!!

  31. Musa says:

    We waiting to see pictures of train that was bombed.

    This morning this plane turn around and go back to airport because minor technical difficulties.

    Maybe EnglishRussia also has technical difficulties? 🙁

    I feel like a nice smooth cigar and some Crown Reserve to go with my coffee!

    Okay bye

  32. bob says:

    it is sad that Emirates load’s on the A380 are so small that the airline stopped the Dubai-JFK flights. Also a shame that these aircraft interiors will be smelling soon like stinky camel jockey ragheads.

  33. ginger says:

    Lol at everyone who doesnt know who Sergey Dolya is and calls him a filthy hobo.
    He’s an amazingly rich businessman, not some kind of photographer it says here.
    Hes, he takes photos on all his business trips, but thats his hoby.
    And he wasn’t “given a chance” to see the plane, he actually travels in this kind of luxury all the time.
    Lol again.

  34. Ugly American says:

    AirBuses are nice when the computers aren’t locking up and crashing the plane.

  35. Kseniya says:

    definitely for me. 180 cm high

  36. Poobar says:

    there is hole to toilet in seat bottom so you do not need to get up

  37. Lovely says:

    A Magnificent Flight

  38. Typical American says:

    Most important question… Can You Smoke on these long @ss flights????

  39. King-Kong says:


  40. Sleep masks, comfy socks and stickers for DND or the selectet meals are standard in western intercontinental businnes class flights.
    And guess what, there is also toothbrush, paste, parfume, deodorant and soap in each passengers washbag.

  41. Rohaan 1 says:

    Yes ….This is what I am looking for so many years…everything on your side table when you are flying..

  42. HRB says:

    Hmm it seems like some of you dont really get the point, the plain is from United Arab Emirates (it even sais that on the plain) and if you look on the boarding gate it sais “Dubai Group”. You think you can get this luxuary anywhere else exept in the rich arabic countries? Not a chance! Its just a russian photographer that got a chance to go with an arabic flight :D!

  43. John says:

    yep when i was on a virgin Atlantic flight to London each person had their own walled off area and your bed was fully horizontal with a TV

  44. Laurente says:

    Nice shots but actually this post has nothing to do with Russia.

  45. justadramaway says:

    What the hell are you havering about hayla?
    get out of here ye turnip head.

  46. Adriano says:

    a… SHOWER??
    absolutely amazing!! 😀

  47. Bre says:

    Oh. My. God.

    That is amazing.

  48. Beautiful airplane. Must be expensive to be on it 🙂

    Soendoro Soetanto

  49. Yes ….This is what I am looking for so many years…everything on your side table when you are flying..

  50. lidija says:

    Krasan je ali kad padne svi su isti.

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