23 Sea Full of Starfish

Sea Full of Starfish

Posted on November 25, 2009 by

Russian Sakhalin: a lot of starfish

Those are shots from the Pacific Coast of Russia. Thousands of starfish were washed out lately.

Some scientists say that it’s not ordinary at all.

Meantime locals enjoy free seafood picking it up with bare hands and leaving the coast with large bags full of exotic fish.

Russian Sakhalin: a lot of starfish 2

Russian Sakhalin: a lot of starfish 3

Russian Sakhalin: a lot of starfish 4

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23 responses to “Sea Full of Starfish”

  1. desreveR says:


  2. chewbie says:

    long time no first!

    <3 englishrussia <3

    I want to take a trip with the transsiberian at one time! all the way from start to finish and back!

  3. Musa says:

    Taupey has dead starfishes all over the damn place.

    One time I even had nightmare of them attacking and eating me alive.

    Screw this post, I hate it! 🙁

  4. shizo says:

    They EAT those things?..

  5. Sponge Bob Squarepants says:



  6. Kirov Class says:

    they may not seen dangerous but in numbers they can bring down and eat a fully grown sealion.

  7. Gourmet says:

    Are these chocolate starfish?

  8. Ugly American says:

    Obviously the servants of Cthulhu have driven forth the spawn of the Old Ones.

  9. Spongebo and Patrick are really great characters. love them.’`’

  10. spongebob is really funny but she sort of overacts sometimes..”.

  11. spongebob is crazy funny, who does not love spongebob anyway hehe`;`

  12. Maybe the ocean was contaminated that’s why the starfish died I guess not unless it was oil spill.

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