25 Got drunk? Do not drive!

Got drunk? Do not drive!

Posted on November 25, 2009 by team


Ten days ago there was a monument fixed up in Moscow. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t look like a piece of a monument at all, but it is still a memorial. It is destined to remind the drivers that driving while drunk is dangerous for you.

The bottle of a monument is 12 meters high (45 feet~) and there are lots of crushed vehicles inside it. The sculpture is fixed in the run-up to Worldwide Day of Remembrance of Victims of Car Accidents. The sign on it states: “Got drunk? Do not drive! You will have an accident.”


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25 Responses to “Got drunk? Do not drive!”

  1. NoName says:

    I’ve been drunk while driving – scary stuff, not recommended.


  2. Paul.S says:

    One of these needs to be built in every major city on this planet! If we do this then maybe the message will get across.

  3. Kirov says:

    If all drunks stay home instead of drive we will not need traafic lights anymore ! Streets will be deserted! Calm.

  4. Taupey says:

    I’m usually smoking giggle weed, thats more fun.

    • Taupey says:

      Not my comment!

      Unless your an alcoholic who has quit drinking or you can’t drink for medical reasons, why limit yourself!
      It’s irresponsible to drive drunk or high!

      It’s easier to take a cab/taxi where we are!

  5. Kirov says:

    One of my stolen zhigulis inside of these monument.

  6. Axr says:

    Awful; it exists also in Ukraine. No taste.

  7. Jason says:

    There have been around 20,000 auto deaths in Russia so far in 2009.I watched the world chanel on tv and a young Russian fashion model who lives in Moscow is now paralized and sits in a wheelchair because her ride home from a club was drunk and crashed his car.Maybe there will be less deaths in 2010 from people seeing this monument and thinking twice about driving drunk.

  8. DougW says:

    Absolut carnage. ;)

  9. Tovarich_volk says:

    The intent and motive of this is sound enough, but sadly won’t do anything to solve the problem of drunk driving. –Similar approaches here in the US haven’t taken care of the problem of drunk drivers either.

  10. w says:

    All I see is the bottle – it makes me thirsty

  11. lol says:

    I had a terrible accident in my pants.

  12. Kirov Class says:

    This is only liberal propaganda – ignore it.

    /Joking. This is big problem, and our police aren’t exactly the best men & women for the job.

  13. John says:

    9 times out of 10 a drunk driver survives a near fatal accident, So why wouldn’t you drink?? It’s too risky to be sober!!

  14. 钦哥 says:

    in the first half year,there was a huge casualty in some cities of china due to drunk drivers,so the government forced a bill that any guy who driving after drink will be sent to jail for at least 15days


  15. Jason says:

    There have been around 10,000 auto deaths in Russia so far in 2009.I saw on the world channel on tv about a young Russian fashion model who is now paralised and sits in a wheel chair because her ride home from a club was driving drunk and crashed his car.Maybe there will be less auto deaths in 2010 from people seeing this monument and thinking twice about driving drunk!

  16. ozdorovim says:

    A week ago, crashed my drunken friend. He survived, but suffered another man, but the car is beyond repair!

  17. creshu says:

    interesting, but it wont solve a problem.
    its very hard to solve this problem, ‘cos most of drunken drivers change their mind and they drive, when they’re clear-headed and they’re thinking about driving as a drunken, they say – never.
    two different persons i guess ..

    sorry for my english and off t.

  18. joe meade says:

    here in america they will lock you up quick for driving drunk and its a massive pain in the ass to get your license back. you get probation you have to take substance abuse classes which are very expensive and thats just for the first if you get caught twice your looking at prison time.

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