7 Get Yourself Comfy Shoes

Get Yourself Comfy Shoes

Posted on November 24, 2009 by team


This is story of place which is definitely not for animal lovers. Everything in this place is made of genuine leather and the design of shops the same in all the countries of the world. All the photos are made in one of the Moscow high-class shoes stores. There are such prominent people in the list of regular customers of the company as the Holy Father, John Kennedy, Yves Saint-Laurent, Pablo Picasso, Alain Delon, all the Royal Family of Elizabeth the Second and many others.

Any shoes here cost $1500 or even more. Of course, you will be bespoken at first, then all the measurements of your feet will be taken, personal shoetree made and then eventually the measurements will be sent to Paris, where the special shoecraftsman will be sweating good two or three weeks to create your shoepiece.

Then special man measures you for shoes for 40 minutes at least. It is an especial thing which begins with feet massage to relax them. When one’s feet are relaxed the measurements are always being more exact.

Any client who wants to have $3000+ shoes is supposed to wait for his order for approximately 8 months. Such a long period of time is needed because every shoe must take a rest after each phase of making. By the way, client can order not only color or shape of the shoes but some additional tattoo or piercing on them as well.

Almost any type of material can be used. Calfskin, llama skin, ostrich skin, any reptile skin, shark skin and elephant skin. You can winterize the shoes with any fur also, whether it would be mink or even snow leopard fur.

Some shoes collectors are really weird. When they are having a meeting, they’re usually pouring their high-class shoes over with some high-class champagne, for an instance Dom Pérignon. Why for? It seems like a secret of chosen ones.



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7 Responses to “Get Yourself Comfy Shoes”

  1. When they are having a meeting, they’re usually pouring their high-class shoes over with some high-class champagne, for an instance Dom Pérignon.i love this post!!!

  2. Chukcha Boy says:

    Made in China shoes of similar design cost only $5 at Walmart :(

  3. Kirov says:

    Brown shoes, black socks, gray pants… this ugly boar is not aware of the basic rule: NEVER black socks!!!! Unless you are plumber!! Anthracite is better, socks should never be darker than pants. And brown shoes with black pants – no good.
    Russian rich are, as shown here, not only ugly and overweight, but also have provincial working class taste.

  4. Kirov says:

    Black socks are for plumbers. And dark socks in brown shoes are a no go no matter what. And why are these new russians so ugly and fat ?

  5. King-Kong says:

    that’s a shameless advertising :(

  6. Thank you for an excellent article. My partner and i valued the thought you put into it. I truly think I’ll study much more you’ve writen about the subject. Thank you again!

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