31 Klavdievskaya Factory of Christmas-Tree Decorations

Klavdievskaya Factory of Christmas-Tree Decorations

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Christmas Decorations

Klavdievskaya factory is one of not many that produced Christmas-tree decorations in Soviet period. The factory was founded in 1949 in Klavdievo, near Kiev and first was specialized on laboratory glass products. In 50’s it started to profile in producing Christmas-tree decorations. Almost all of the production is exported (about 96%) to Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Great Britain, USA and etc. and only 4% stays in Ukraine. Let’s see how the process of making Christmas-tree decoration looks like.

Christmas Decorations 2Christmas Decorations 3

The first phase of decoration production is a ball or other decoration glass-blowing from the tube with the height of 1.5 m.


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31 Responses to “Klavdievskaya Factory of Christmas-Tree Decorations”

  1. V_Power says:

    Yeah cool i didn’t know that they are handmade

  2. Shlomo says:

    Another great jewish achievement!

  3. Adan says:

    Fake christmas tree decorations – looks like geniune, but brings no fun. : (

  4. Taupey says:

    I enjoy seeing how artistic things are made! Great Post!

  5. cia says:

    They should add a little more glass, and blow the shapes into bongs instead of ornaments…

    But, very nice anyway.

  6. DougW says:

    Interesting. First time I have seen decorations made.

  7. perristalsis says:

    Must be cold in that factory, everybody’s bundled up- didn’t the owner pay his heat bill?

  8. Richard says:

    Now that I see the face behind the work, I will really think about each bulb and admire that the person takes that much time to make them and how nice they are. I will treat them very carfully because someday the people may not make them but instead a machine. Thank you crafts people for a beautiful decoration.

  9. Anjuta says:

    Working conditions in Ukraine are very bad. They are much better in Russia.

  10. Kilroy Was Here says:

    Very interesting. I didn’t realize all of the hands on work that’s required to make them. Nice to see it being done like this instead of a “machine” turning out the ornaments.

  11. MJ6 says:

    Should I run the KAOS program on the next comment page MJ12?I will run it in code.

  12. ZeroDrop says:

    After these scenes, I will take much more care in not to break a christmas tree ornament again…

  13. Chris says:


  14. Gerry says:

    Pic #24: I see small photo of Yulia Timoshenko on drawing desk. What for? Do they paint her face on Christmas balls? Or do they get inspired by her to paint these cat figures?

    Looks it’s pretty cold there, everybody with coats.

  15. I will be happy to let you know. We use to go eat breakfast together quite often. She was one of the two most beautiful drag queens I’ve ever seen. The other one was in Tucson.

  16. bob says:

    fix your tags, these images have nothing to do with russian decorations, russian plants, russian holidays, nor anything russian.

    • Ivana Benderova says:

      Au contraire, Bob. What you see is a typical Russian “factory.” Substandard electrical wiring, no fire supression system, no ventilation of toxic gasses, etc… All wrapped up in a marginal to begin with and decrepit ex-Stalinist flat! What could be more Russian than that!

  17. I’ve heard that there is a spray that is supposed to help with the wax burning too fast from a woodwick candle set, is this true?

  18. I really liked your writing style, please keep at it for us all!

  19. What a beautiful collection of photographs about the Klavdievskaya factory making Christmas ornaments and decorations. We in America have also lost most of our maufactoring and production to other counties

  20. Singamajigs says:

    Holly cow I had no idea those were hand made! Amazing ornaments, and love that camera lens…I need to get a wide lens like that. Nice post.

  21. well it is nearing for us to buy some christmas ornaments for the coming christmas:,:

  22. we will be buying more christmas ornaments these christmas because we like to decorate more `’~

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