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Space things

Posted on November 19, 2009 by team


As Russia is being the first country to cross the threshold of space, it has lots of so-called “Space cities”. Usually, they are situated in some cities where the great Soviet and Russian cosmonauts were born and all the things from astronauts’ food to the models of most renowned space shuttles are displayed there.


You know, it remembered me of DC Air and Space Museum with all its spacecrafts and space fittings. It turned out that the life of cosmonauts wasn’t actually so easy at all. They were in need to undergo lots of tests and exercises before going into the open space.

For an instance, a centrifugal machine, trains cosmonauts to withstand the pressures of 8g. It is the strongest pressure that the human organism can bear though the machine itself can imitate the environment with pressures over 30g. Also, the exercise of imitation of extravehicular excursion is the most difficult one of all the others. During each drill a cosmonaut loses 4 kilos of weight.

Then we have food of astronauts. It is really a funny thing, at least by the look of it. Looks like the tube of toothpaste but the experts say that it is really delicious. Generally, all the cosmonauts are supplied with all kinds of food, though it is mashed completely. Fruits, meat of all kinds and of course sweets.

By the way, one interesting thing more. If some kind of emergency would happen, there is a so-called handbag provided. This bag contains everything the astronaut needs if the spaceship would be broken and would be forced to land somewhere.

Actually, I don’t think that it helps so much because a spaceman living under zero gravity for at least a few months is so weak that he can’t even lift his cell phone. Fortunately, this handbag hasn’t been used even once.



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  1. Nick says:


  2. Mads says:

    I remember visiting zvezdniy gorodok back in the nineties. Fantastic place!

  3. Zauyrio says:

    I remember going here. T’was amazing. Missing pictures of that huge ball that swings around (Can’t remember the name). But it was totally epic.

  4. Kent_Diego says:

    Most people do not know that USSR was first to land on moon in 1959.

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