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Fearsome Buratino

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Fearsome Buratino

There is a quite exotic weapon in Russian army – a heavy flame-throwing system HFS-1 Buratino. According to the data provided by the Russian arms company, its barrage destroys everything that lives within a radius of 3 kilometers around its target. Its ammunition contains mixture of liquids (propyl nitrate type) and light metals (magnesium powder). During the flight of such ammunition the mixture is being interfused with internal device in order to gain uniformity.

So called vacuum effect resides in the principle that at the moment of mixture detonation all the oxygen in the air comes into reaction simultaneously. Fast combustion of oxygen leads to decrease in pressure (by 160 mm of mercury column). This makes basements and bunkers nearly useless shelters – lungs, eardrums, eyes, and viscera are being torn apart by the pressure difference.

Engagement range of the unit is 2700 to 3500 meters. All 30 rockets can be released in 7.5 seconds. However, battlefield functional area of the FHS-1 is rather limited due to its tremendous destructive capability.

In Chechnya Buratino was used exclusively under cover of several tanks (1 or 2 in front, 2 on the sides) due to its vulnerability to grenade-launcher fire, anti-tank weapons and recoilless weapons. Damage of the unit, and thus, chaotic rocket launch or even ammunition detonation can cause serious damage to friendly troops and civilian population.

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26 Responses to “Fearsome Buratino”

  1. brieds says:

    right, right – for small local conflicts :D

  2. A Russian spy says:

    Description is lies!

  3. Keroro says:

    For our foreign friends-Buratino means Pinocchio on Russian. Such name for this device sound very ridiculous.

  4. Mr. Antisemite says:

    We should use them on Israel.

  5. SPY_M says:


  6. Taupey says:

    I don’t see the resemblance!

  7. YJ says:

    Using chainsaw to cut butter.

  8. Pacific NW says:

    Soldiers who kill civilians should be killed themselves. Murder is murder, no excuses.

    • Bijdehans says:

      It sounds like there is no need to kill any military personel using ths weapon because it was an easy target itself and could detonate completely killing the whole devision deploying it. That was probably also the reason this weapon never got very successful, although the army states they now prefer more precise weapons. Yeah, right!

  9. Opelman says:


  10. Kirov says:

    I would dare to say that that would be rather usefull in afghanistan. Also, I’m a fake kirov.

  11. Poobar says:

    Is nothing

    I have rocket launcher machine that is deadly to a 3.2 kilometere radius!!!!! Top that! All who witness my machine wish that they were 3.3 kilometers away!

  12. Shurik says:

    last picture is shopped
    I can tell from…

  13. Scrat335 says:

    This weapons system is meant to burn out dug in personnel in defensive positions. It’s basically a tracked napalm dispenser. It’s also better than sending in troops to assault a fortified position. The object of the game is to kill the enemy, not your own troops.

  14. Mr. Ahmadinejad says:

    I need this vehicle!

  15. are you kidding says:

    ehhhehhe a sniper could take that garbage out .

  16. DougW says:

    I will nickname this the “Gassy Burrito.”

  17. Russian says:

    A very nice system. But, the description is some liberal delirium. It is an engineer vehicle for removal of obstacles, it removes mines and poisonous gases during combat, that’s why it shoots only at 3 km. But, the secondary function – artillery, is quite useful too, destroying everything at 2000 m2. Now is mostly used as a weapon due to lack of modern thermobaric ammunition.


  18. 19014638960 says:

    Wow this is a hell of a weopon. Did’nt know there were small variants of this such as the buratino. Kick it.
    It’s too bad that this could be used with accurate intelligence and command and control worthy of this instrument.


  19. Last says:

    The actual translation of Buratino is Pinocchio.

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