82 Chinatown in Moscow?

Chinatown in Moscow?

Posted on November 14, 2009 by team


Since the demolition of Cherkizovsky Market in Moscow this year, lots of immigrant that have been working there lost their jobs. And neighborhood where the market was located started getting more and more Chinese with every single day. Immigrants from many countries invaded the district and since the market was demolished they lost not only their jobs but their place of living as well.


According to the official information, more than 100,000 of immigrants worked at the market and at least 60 % of them were Chinese. But just think about off-the-record figures? We can only guess. And along with Chinese people, their food and their language started flooding Lyublino neighborhood and some of other adjacent districts.

One cinema even started to screen movies translated into Chinese to boost their income. You can see the advertisement of this movie theater on the title picture. Moreover, the cinema’s management showed its blazing greediness and made the pay-toilets there.

But how can they get money if they haven’t any job to earn it? Then local and state authorities began organizing chow wagons in the neighborhood to support down-and-out incomers and to lower the crime rate.

And of course neighborhood citizens didn’t want to close eyes to such an injustice and started making lots of protests because their homedistrict started growing dirty and filthy, while the director of already nonexistent market built seven-star hotel somewhere in Turkey. That’s how it goes, folks.




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82 Responses to “Chinatown in Moscow?”

  1. lietuva says:

    So? You should welcome immigrants with open hands.

  2. funny chinese toilet says:

    I have been to china last year and I was shocked to see chinese toilet WITHOUT doors!(Of course, men’s and ladies are divided-not shared)

    Now, Is it moscow’s turn for doorless toilet(for chinese residents) to appear?

    Mere thought of my last year’s memory still makes me chuckle

    • 钦哥 says:


      • Vasili says:


  3. mike says:

    What were those protest signs and shirts saying?

    • Anonymous says:

      Terrible things. Racist people!

      • white_canadian_person says:

        Two questions:

        1. what does the movie (?) poster say? the very first image, the woman in black with the gun.

        2. what does the motivational poster say? (the one with the white russians in the foreground and the chinese in the background)

  4. Allan says:

    Sad to see immigrants on that conditions. I hope they can get jobs and live with dignity…

  5. PYRO IS SPY says:

    How odd, I wonder why they chose Russia in the first place.

    • funny chinese toilet says:

      It’s simple..Money!

      The reason why company hires foreign worker(like those in this article) instead of its own country men is that their wage and other burden(insurance and other welfare which company has to pay for) is less than domestic workers

      If this company’s interest coincides with chinese worker’s concern of (1) higher wage(relative to wage in their motherland’s) (2) easy entry (to destination country),
      then many chinese workers will end up working in construction sites etc

      More often than not, considerable number of chinese emigration workers are illegal emigre and their hiring
      company exploits this weak point(ie: delay of paying wage
      and even physical violence by empoyer)

      Then you can wonder how authorities can not detect such problem..In many cases, Authorities already know the existence of such abuse and illegal emigration worker
      but they often pretend not to know it because they know companies can spend less cost on workers by hiring illegal emigration workers(In some cases, companies actively bribes authorities for such matter)

      The pathetic fact for such workers is that they can not report such abuse by their employer because if they report that matter to authorities, they would be expelled from country(Often expelling WITHOUT receipt of delayed wage!)

      Do not forget that the present relatively well living developing countries had such memory of their people’s illegal emigration workers

  6. johanz says:

    What do those stickers say with the “evil character” crossed out in red?

    • Taupey says:

      We are all guilty of discrimination! It’s a part of self-preservation!

      I always wonder what are the personal reasons for people to protest in such a way! If in fact they are protesting against another race and not the action of some of the people of another race.

      I’m not saying that it’s right but I’m not saying it’s wrong either!

      • Domo says:

        The problem with immigrants is that they often (not all nations, but some) create clans in those remote districts of Moscow city, where they live. They “infiltrate” police departments and other services, create corruption.

        My friend, for example, has almost been put in jail and deprived of driver’s license in Butovo (Moscow district), where he lives, because he was supposedly drunk driving (he wasn’t). It’s a long story, but you get the idea.

        • Kirov says:

          Foreigners are sticking together, is not weird. Strangers in strange land. Also because they are NOT accepted by locals. Self fulfilling prophecy!! Russians are weird: hospitable and very very xenophobic at the same time!!

    • CZenda says:

      “We are against Cherkizon in Moscow”. Google “Cherkizon”

  7. ReD-007 says:

    Srat’ ya hotel na Moskvu, chtobi pusto um bilo. (A friend from Siberia)
    I am indifferent to Moscow. It serves them right.

  8. Lazar Kaganovich says:

    russians eat their own soup of culture pluralism term they spread 70 years during communism.
    their government is occupied since that time by alien enemies.
    history shows you whom I mean.

  9. Hande says:

    Boris, take it easy. They are people just like you.

  10. Taupey says:

    This place was closed down for illegal activities and smuggling violations earlier this past summer.

    A Senior Chinese Deligation headed by The Chinese Vice-Minister of Chinese Commerce, Gao Hucheng had agreed with the Russian Federation on this action.

    Then a fire broke out in the warehouse of this Chinese Wholesale Market last month. The cause has yet to be determined.

    It is said that there are plans to build a new economic center along with residental and student housing to repace this.

    • Taupey says:

      I appologize, I read about it from, chinadaily dot com dot cn.

      Anyway, it’s a very sad situation for the people who weren’t involved in the illegal activities but have to suffer for it.

      • Taupey says:

        The owner is Azerbaijani-born Jew Telman Ismailov!

        The Cowardly Telman Ismailov is said to be in exile in Turkey at his rediculously excessive seaside hotel The Mardan Palace!

        If I was someone planning to stay at that hotel, I would think again! That really might not be the safest place to be staying or dinning!

        Actually I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near old Telman! :(

  11. 钦哥 says:

    [email protected] your 姥姥,爷爷

  12. John says:

    The Chinese people are very beautiful people but where ever they go they leave a trail of garbage & putrid smell.
    Also they don’t give a damn about your culture, only their own. That’s why you see all the Chinese signs.
    Most of the diseases in the world originate in China.
    “Sorry but it’s all true”

  13. SSSR says:

    Soon Russia will be as diverse as the USA!!

  14. Darwin says:

    Chinks are ugly, smelly, arrogant pricks who don’t give a damn about ANYONE but their own kind. I can’t stand their buck-toothed, slant-eyed faces.

    Diversity is killing Russia!!! Chinks back to Chink-land where you belong!

  15. funny chinese toilet says:

    After White’s defeats in Russian civil war, many russians
    emigrated to various countries..France, USA, China(There were small but prosperous russian emigre’s societies in shanghai and other cities) etc

    To my knowledge, those russian emigres were not so deliberately discriminated and hated like those chinese men.

    People who have blind hatred for those chinese or other emigration workers in the future should remember that most of their own ancestors who emigrated did not encounter severe discrimination

  16. Mirko says:

    For sure there IS a Chinatown in Moscow for at least centuries, it’s in the heart of the city, even a metro station was named after it: Kitay-Gorod. ;]

  17. Jerika says:

    Why is it that the day movie is always cheaper than the night movie.It is the same movie in the same theater.

    • Taupey says:

      LOL, Hey Jerika nice to see you! :)

      Maybe it’s because people traditionally work(ed) in the day so more want(ed) to go to the movies in the evening.

      So if more people want something, in a certain time frame, businesses feel it’s more valuble then and charge more even though it’s the same movie.

  18. w says:

    Chinese work hard and will end up rich and driving Mercedes – Racists will always be trash forever and have to rent from Chinese.

  19. poobar says:

    Words of advice: Keep your cats locked up indoors. Why do you think chineese food so cheap? Meow!

  20. Polish Gawno says:

    Poland heed chinese workers.

  21. Hu Jin Tao says:

    USA and Russia will be finished soon. U.S debt raising fast.

    • Ms. Kovalyova says:

      Russia and the US have fought against a common enemy before and won! So you just watch yourself brazen little Chinaman!

      • ... says:

        That was an collective effort between all Allied powers, but the Russians was working against the Allies at first until they realized they were about to get their ass kicked by the Nazis. As for Afghanistan you have seen what that did to the Russians.

      • TNT says:

        That was a collective effort between all nations of the Allied force, but at first Russians were on the Axis side.

  22. Estonian says:

    No-no, racist countries like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are still the biggest threat to Russia and russians :) We all laugh here! Soon its going to be yellow revolution in Russia and then we can see how faschist you russians really are…

  23. Mail Order Bride Shopper says:

    Where I buy that Russia lady in sign? What site I order her from?

  24. Russia Mail Order Bride Shopper says:

    Where I buy that Russia lady in sign? What site I order her from? Do she cook and clean dishes?

  25. European says:

    Damned chinese like Cocroaches
    sent them back to theyr country where they belong.
    they have no right to live in ready russia-europe
    the place that OUR european-russian
    ansestors build for US not for chinese or others.

  26. hjjhhjvjhvhjhj says:





  27. Jason says:

    Hey, we have the same problem here in Malaysia. Russian prostitutes are taking all the pros jobs here because they dont mind the cheap wages.

  28. Jason says:

    The stickers are like what the USA had during world war 2 after Pearl Harbor was bombed.

  29. Russian unemployment rate is 10%. We steal your dry cleaning take out job. Russian people suffer when there is no vodka money. But chinese will always have flied wice.

    • Musa says:

      Russians are very resourceful people, they can turn wood into vodka and they got lots of wood.

      And if they get hungry, they go kill a bear without a second thought of how dangerous it might be hunting bear.

      Russians very strong people they are also bigger than puny little Chinese people and can sqawsh them like a little dirty bug under their feet! Crunch-Splaaat! :D

  30. Mother_Russia says:

    interesting…Russians are treated in similar fashion in Western Europe and Japan as they are treating the Chinese and other immigrants. And what are our beautiful women known for in the West, Japan and Gulf States?…Prostitution. How sad. All people should be treated with respect and have the right to better their lives.

  31. X9044RTV says:

    I want Russians out of my country. The men are all lazy drunks committing crimes and all of their women are drug uses, prostitutes or both. They only contribute to the degradation of our society.

  32. Musa says:

    HA! This ain’t anything even close to the Russian occupation of the Baltic Countries!

    Good God child don’t you let the Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians hear you compare this little Chinese thingy to all the years their countries were brutally occupied by Russians!

    Someone could get the poop kicked out of em talking crazy stuff like that round here!

    Now run along and be a good young man and stop playing on your parents computer when their not looking!

    Don’t forget what I told ya’child! ;)

  33. Ken says:

    Make a post with russian nazis…how they kill and beat up imigrants…most of the wievers of this site dont know that russia has the biggest number of neo nazis in the world witch are supported by the russian government

  34. Ms. Kovalyova says:

    I didn’t write this. SSSR wrote it using my name without my permission.

    • SSSR says:

      Must you be on this site with us Kovalyova??
      Click on your impostors name and click on my name!!This site has big brother on it now!!!!

      • Ms. Kovalyova says:

        You use a different email addy any time you descide to use someone else’s name!

        It’s not rocket science!

        Must you harrass me and defame my name every time I expess my opinion and make a comment you don’t like?

        Your behavior has been studied for months as part of research in human behavior on the Internet!

        Everytime you enter a comment, your telling on yourself whether you realize it or not!

        You’ve been profiled Mister!

      • Taupey says:

        Don’t be so foolish! That proves nothing! The fact remains that anyone can steal another person’s name by using a different email!

        EnglishRussia needs a program that requires the users to sign in and use a password to make a comment so the psychopathic cyber-bullies of the Internet like you can’t harrass and defame other user’s names just because they don’t like what they say!

        Keep harrassing me by jacking my name and writing your smut like you have for the last two months and you’ll find yourself in a lawsuit!

        • SSSR says:

          I have no reason to impersonate you Taupey.Who ever is doing it is laughing his head off right now.Many people post comments on this site and anyone can impersonate anyone here!I have been nice to you the whole time you have been on this site and now you point your finger at me!

  35. cia says:

    Uncontrolled immigration will kill any remaining European & American culture, as there are far too many impoverished peoples in the world. All of them would like to move to Europe or America, and there simply isn’t enough room or resources (both material and economic.) Sad, but true.

    To leave your borders open, is to cease to exist eventually. (Of course, this concept suits the globalists!)

  36. authorized1 says:

    If the Chinese want to rule the world they should better begin with Russia.

  37. Team America says:

    You have it easy in Russia!

    We’d gladly trade all our blacks and Mexicans for your Chinese girls!

  38. 40 says:

    What’s going on in Moscow!

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