27 Suggestive Toys

Suggestive Toys

Posted on November 8, 2009 by

Russian toys

Ever wondered how plush toys do look like in Russia. If they use same teddy bears as American kids have or they have some Ivan Bears?

I am not sure about little Winnie-the-Poohs but they for sure have some tigers and more, being done on this toy factory.

And no matter what toys they would make for Russian children they still are afraid of N1H1 virus using masks too.

Russian toys 2

Russian toys 3

Russian toys 4

Russian toys 5

Russian toys 6

Russian toys 7

Russian toys 8

Russian toys 9

Russian toys 10

What’s this all about? Is it a new approach to sexual upbringing from early age?
Giving kids the possibility to know the reality of things way before they get it traditionally?
Like we are all the same and no need to hide some of our body parts.

Russian toys 11

Russian toys 12

Russian toys 13

via kp.ru

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27 Responses to “Suggestive Toys”

  1. your mother says:


  2. dizzler says:

    suggestive: conveying a hint (of something)

  3. hooey says:

    Oh, I’m so proud of my hometown.

  4. Ivan says:


  5. DougW says:

    Is this englishrussia or 4chan? ;)

  6. Fat Boris looking guy says:

    Comments awaiting moderation. F.@.ck you!

  7. Taupey says:

    I believe that’s Gay Russia Finnish!

    • Finnish Alcoholics Online says:

      Why you disrespecting me?

      • Taupey says:

        I’m not disrespectful. I’m joking. But I’m being serious about the Gay Rodeo you can google it. I believe the Gay Rodeo is by far more fun and interesting than the regular rodeo! You should try it if you ever get the chance.

  8. Musa says:

    Pederasty not legal in Russia now!

  9. SSSR says:

    These toys can be found in the adult section of the toy store!

  10. Openeyed says:

    Pedobear approves! :)

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    The episodes are written with a cinematic feel to them in that every episode felt big, dramatic and well worth watching. Season Two is where every episode links up with each other leading up to the season finale that was the Doomsday project.

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    What makes Sat-Am so appealable is that because it was produced in the early 90’s it did not suffer the fate of most animated shows of the modern day and age where the dialogue is kiddified. I don’t think the dialogue in this show was terribly adult, and by that I don’t mean profain material, there was no technical language that kids wouldn’t understand. But, the writers of the series wrote a dialogue that was cool with all ages.

    What is disappointing was where the series was cancelled just as the writers/producers were getting ready to write and draw for Season 3. Having said that, it didn’t help matters that at the time, Power Rangers were extremely popular all over the world. Ben Hurst talks about the plans that they would have done for the third Season and they are good.

    I think it would be good for the series to be renewed because the writing and the characters had such depth and richness to them that made the show so enjoyable.

    But until then, you can enjoy what is arguably the best Sonic animated series ever produced.

    Thank you for your time.

  12. dont ya just love that viagra in your mouth

  13. emi says:

    wooooow…. -disturbed now-

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  15. Chris says:

    What does the writing on the horse’s shirt and the one before it say?

  16. Rayan Dekey says:

    I want play with it.

  17. Brooke says:

    In soviet Russia, toy abuse you!

  18. Elan says:

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  19. Nowhere Girl says:

    Disgusting. Fortunately real tigers look better than humans in this area and don’t have such disgusting pieces hanging all the way down. (In case you want to ask: I’m asexual, I have no appreciation for this stupid part of a man’s body.)

  20. L. G. Harr says:

    Are these toys for sale anywhere? Wouldlove to buy a couple.

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