22 Matrix 1905, Starring: Chaplin

Matrix 1905, Starring: Chaplin

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Famous movie and two of the sequels revisited by some Russian group.
Now it's Matrix 1905 - "How Could Your Grandma See The Matrix?"


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  1. Nick says:

    Great !!!!!!!!

  2. Scrat335 says:

    Hilarious!! Well done.

  3. petrolhead says:

    Thanks for sharing. Nicely done. That’s Ukrainian though not Russian.

  4. Taupey says:

    And where is the russian gay movies?

  5. Fum says:

    Is this fan-made or was there really a film like that and people just added the text?

  6. 钦哥 says:


  7. Alex Mordashov says:

    2 Fum
    I think it’s fan-made. Actually it was aired on TV comedy show in Russia week ago or so.

  8. Musa says:

    You will never guess what Charlie Chaplan and Keanu Reeves has had in common but most people don’t know about it? Okay I tell you, after you try.

  9. Colby Avola says:

    Hey. good info. It’s kinda interesting though, that most people do everything by hand. Really! For somethings it’s just obvious that it should, like ppc and seo. really!

  10. Zlo_fatalne says:

    It’s not russian!!! It’s UKRAINIAN!!!

  11. jeffbob says:

    man walks into a bar ouch!!!!!!! :v (^^^)

  12. jeffbob says:

    sssshhhhh ur mosh

  13. jeffbob says:

    yo yo mudda foka

  14. Very great post. Honestly!

  15. Gail Lopez says:

    You’ve done it again! Incredible read!

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