20 Moscow Winters

Moscow Winters

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Moscow winter 44

If you’re looking for something to do in the winter months while you travel in Russia, consider making an appearance at one of Moscow’s winter festivals or New Year’s Day celebrating on Red Square.

The Moscow Russian Winter Festival takes place in Izmailovo Park, where visitors can enjoy troika rides and hear folk music performances. It takes place on the last week of December and the first week of January.

It is possible to experience Winter Festival activities elsewhere in Moscow, like ice sculpting on Red Square and snowman-building on Arbat Street.

Head to Red Square to join the throngs of celebrants ringing in the New Year with the chime of the Kremlin clock tower, which is Moscow’s version of watching the ball drop in New York City. Dress warmly, though, because if you think it’s cold by day, Moscow at midnight on January 1 takes bravery and a good pair of warm boots.

So this is it. It has already snowed for the first time, all put winter tires on their cars and it won’t snow anymore, at least in Moscow. Luzhkov was going to drive away the clouds by planes so we will have snow only on the old pictures. Today I gathered pictures of Moscow and its people in winter.

Moscow winter

Moscow and its people in winter.

Moscow winter 2

Vasilevsky slope.

Moscow winter 3

Kremlin sea-front.

Moscow winter 4

By “National”.

Moscow winter 5

Park “Sokolniki”.

Moscow winter 6

Gogol Boulevard.

Moscow winter 7

Arbat Square.

Moscow winter 8

Gogol Boulevard.

Moscow winter 9

Yaroslavsky Station.

Moscow winter 10

Cvetnoy Boulevard.

Moscow winter 11

By the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Children slide down the hill.


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20 Responses to “Moscow Winters”

  1. polish jew says:

    hmmm…well it reminds me of my place when I was young ;(

    here in uk it’s not like that ;(

  2. Taupey says:

    The snow is so beautiful! The little children are adorable!

  3. bezdomny says:

    I remember the Moscow city pool… is it still there? Or did they “develop” that property by putting a hotel on it?

    Jumping in the freezing water like that in the middle of winter – you guys are crazy!

    Wonderful photos!

    • Sacha says:

      Nope, now we have huge Christ the Savior Cathedral, full size replica of the old one, that was there before Moscow pool. And photos are really wonderful. Those empty streets in the middle of the day makes my envy, can’t even imagine driving a car in moscow without 24/7 traffic jams.

    • Oleg says:

      {Jumping in the freezing water like that in the middle of winter – you guys are crazy!}

      Trust me it’s not as terrifying as it looks. I myself thought that those guys are crazy until I made up my mind and jumped into the water. That feeling was amazing. And you don’t feel cold at all.

  4. Andrey says:

    This site is made by smb who is russian but who hates russia. Russia is not like that, you morron.
    Whay you show are the pics from 70s.
    This is real

  5. packpacka says:

    12th picture – now look outside? after days of searching can you find anything like that in your town? can you see anything else other that small businesses and private properties? what about the free public places like in that picture – that you can freely visit and leave without having to pay, being taxed , accused of trespassing or being subjected to advertisement? without little places like that there is no “people” but only individuals seeking to replace one another in every attempt to improve their own lives. I hate the world like that. How can we improve it? What alternatives do we have ? GO outside and create a public place – stand in your neighbor’s backyard – but then the sense of ownership is lost if you do and that is communism

  6. Bostonman says:

    Why is there a 1959 Ford parked at the Metropol hotel?

  7. Ms. Kovalyova says:

    That doesn’t sound quite right Finnish. I believe it goes like this, We have a saying in Russia when the cold of Winter comes, we enjoy lots of sex!

    • Musa says:

      That also not right. We say like this, We have saying in Russia…When the cold white Winter come, we know it time to get drunk and play.

  8. Openeyed says:

    Not looking forward to our Fargo winter. :(

  9. cia says:

    Ya, North Dakota winter is every bit as cold as Russian winter.

    I wonder why, in these pictures, there are no recently graduating school girls dancing in the fountains? Ha ha just kidding.

    Nice pictures.

  10. Greengirl says:

    These pictures look a lot like Canadian winter photos

  11. exposed says:

    did some of the women think it was illegal to wear pants in the middle of a russian winter?!?

    who is the stronger sex indeed…

  12. A refreshing point of view written in a compelling and interesting way. Nice.

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