19 Epic Fail

Epic Fail

Posted on November 6, 2009 by team


Long long ago when future seemed to be so distant and dim, people of the Soviet Union dreamt a lot and cherished a bunch of illusions about fantastic makings of the future. And straight 50 years ago, on the eve of New Year, one of most famous Russian newspapers published a special edition. Group of journalists-dreamers took their risks and tried to predict how it’s going to be 50 years after, in 2010.

But it seems that they were not so good at future forecasting and failed at almost any article. So let’s see what came out of it.


This cutting has 3 interesting articles. The first one on the left is called “Funny Birthday party” and tells about a reunion of some boarding school group. They met and celebrated 100-th birthday of 17 people in their group. Two articles to the right are about tunnel under the Caspian Sea which is more than 200 miles long and also about the underwater mine at a depth of 470 meters (it is about 1400 feet).


This little item to the left is a complaint written on a behalf of some woman. She tells that her videophone doesn’t work in color, and shows only black’n’white picture. Reminds me of iPhone actually. Below there is a caption that says “We need to build a reservation on the moon.”


19 Responses to “Epic Fail”

  1. CONNIE says:

    Sounds good to me thats what I am going to do.

  2. toe says:

    did they foresee people still living in squalor roads gwtting only worse?

  3. future canadian says:

    what is the caption of the cartoon, 2nd picture from the bottom?

  4. Fat Boris looking guy says:

    Epic fail, mr. Rabinovich.

  5. shizo says:

    There is a tiny problem with these articles posted on englishrussia – they’re not in English! hehe.

  6. jada says:

    It is not 2010 yet! There is still time for these things!

  7. mc says:

    Thanks… I guess – a bunch of cyrillic texts on *english*russia: fail! :P

  8. buy jeans says:

    now it is 2010, nothing has happened

  9. No_way says:

    now it is 2011, nothing has happened

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