24 Way-out Places

Way-out Places

Posted on November 5, 2009 by team


There are lots of freaky places round the Earth. And most probably you heard that there is such a thing like Google tourism, rather young, so to say, sport. People prowling about a map of the world looking for a new spacey spot and then upload the screenshots into their blogs. Maybe some of you have already seen some pictures of crop circles, abandoned factories and plants or even figure of a pink rabbit made on a field. And these are shots of some offbeat places in Russia and Kazakhstan.

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Lisakovsk Pentagram

Looks like it’s supposed to be in Russia, but it isn’t. This pentagonal star is located in Kazakhstan, nearby town of Lisakovsk. Someone ventured to go there and find out what is what. It turned out to be a park which was a superb view once. Neatly planted trees made it look like a pentagram. There is a visible print of a stella which was erected in the very middle of the park.




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24 Responses to “Way-out Places”

  1. YJ says:

    Symbols of Soviet Union can sometimes be mistaken as pentagram.

    • qewrty says:

      yeah i constantly do that, it’s same with the american military and hollywood star, also pentagon that i always get those things confused with pentagram.
      Every time i see a pentagram i have to rethink and not to get all emotional as the star that looks exactly like a pentagram might have completely different meaning.

      • Taupey says:


      • Jason says:

        Look at the streets of Washington DC on google earth where the white house is.

        Is America evil?

        • qewrty says:

          My point was that whole world is full of pentagon shaped objects, city scape’s, organizations, services, etc. And also “the all seeing eye” along with triangles glimpses time to time here and there. Open your eyes and start using them.

          • Ms. Kovalyova says:

            Open your own eyes and use them guttersnipe!

          • Jason says:

            Calm down qewrty,I was not trying to be too direct with my last comment,as in telling you off.It has been a long time conspericy theroy about the streets of Washington DC.You wrote about pentagrams and Washington has a big one.Is America evil is a question for everyone to answer!I now think it is a star like on the American flag.And since the city was built by free masons the streets from the white house to the capital building is the shape of the masonic compass.

      • YJ says:

        I don’t mean hammer and sickle. I meant the star inside the circle on the grip of most Russian made pistols.

    • transientdreams says:

      Hey Dufus…That IS a “Pentagram!!~

  2. greg says:

    Orange cones are probably fire, they burn off the natural gas at a lot of wells instead of keeping it.

  3. Eire says:

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – More than half of all Russians do not know who built the Berlin Wall, one of the most enduring symbols of the Cold War, an opinion poll showed on Thursday. Fifty-eight percent said they did not know who built it, with just 24 percent correctly naming the Soviet Union and its then-communist ally East Germany.

    • camel says:

      Not really surprising. Russian don’t know about half the thigns that were going on during Soviet Union times, that’s why they are surprised when non-Russians don’t remember soviet times so fondly.

      • Fat Boris looking guy says:

        Nobody need it.

      • kaza says:

        Like Americans know everything. I lived there for several years and seen many americans who don’t even know what Soviet Union is! What r u talking bout, the young generation? Yes, current young generation r just like all the americans, they don’t know anything, even the great grandfather Lenin!

    • w says:

      Stop being a fact snob

    • kaza says:

      Like Americans know everything. I lived there for several years and seen many americans who don’t even know what Soviet Union is! What r u talking bout, the young generation? Yes, current young generation r just like all the americans, they don’t know anything, even the great grandfather Lenin!

    • RedSquared says:

      I am surprised no one noticed the misinformation reported right there..by “Reuters” MOSCOW. There was NO EAST GERMANY…EVER, prior to SOVIET OCCUPATION after WWII. After the “Russian’s” took Berlin, and the war was over. Germany was divided into zones by the allies, and the capital, Berlin was also divided between the “Allies”, with Russia getting the “eastern part” of Berlin. The Soviets would not the allies with the reconstruction of Germany, and began to get paranoid, thus “The Wall” was born.The German Democratic Republic (East Germany) was declared on 7 October 1949. Thereby rendering the above statement that “East Germany” was a communist “Ally” of the S.U. utterly false. Just sayin…Cold War anyone?

  4. Jason says:

    However the west is in Russia….Everywhere ;)

  5. Mr. Rabinovich says:

    Why do you hate jews?

  6. cider-drinker says:

    Well at least 80% of Americans do not have passports and hence have not been out of the US. And its still popular opinon that the war against Islam is not a holy war…somethings go beyond belief…like my spelling for example

  7. UnderM says:

    “the land of Russia is famous for its richness in oil”. Where? Where in Russia is oil? Russia, not Russian Federation. Letś look in the face to truth. Russian Federation is one last colonial imperium on Earth. Russian Federation is rich in oil and other goods from occupated lands – Siberia, Karelia etc.

  8. Graham says:

    Look at it on Google Earth, it is a 5 pointed and inverted star, and there are no swings there, and not that many trees and near the waters edge, would you send your kids to a park like that? It’a also in a massive circle. I’m not saying it is anything satanic, but from the air it looks that way.

  9. Elgog Partynipple says:

    This looks like a classic example of an anit-aircraft artillery site. These are used to protect military assets like radar or missle installations. The points of the star have artillery (ack ack guns) or surface to air missles. In the center of the circle is the radar of missle installation being protected. Both the US and Russia used this configuration. If you look at the spy photos of the Cuban missle crises you will see these installations in the photos with labels. More than likely this site was protecting the nearby town from air strike. The history of the twon would be useful in trying to determine the value of this “Target”.

  10. Julie says:

    Similar blood red water has been found in many places, including a waterfall in Antarctica, Lake Urmia in Iran, Lake Retba in Senegal, and a lake in the Camargue in the South of France, to name a few.

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