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Air Defense Museum

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Air Defense Museum 4

Not too far away from Moscow, in a pretty idyllic place lies a teeny village with a lovely name Zarja (Dawn). And here is where the idyllic ends up. The village houses a Russian air forces museum, founded as far back as the USSR times.

Life-sized exhibits in this museum are real. They might have got to the battlefield during the World War II, or guard Russian borders nowadays. But instead, they just rest here, allowing fiddlers like you and me peep into military history, which actually might be more exciting than you think.

Air Defense Museum

It’s certainly a worthy place to visit on one of your weekends, especially if you have an eye for that stuff. Even if you don’t – it will never do bad to boast with jaw-dropping pictures of you operating a missile-type anti-aircraft weapon, or, say, hugging a ground-to-air missile with your mighty arms. Sounds nice? Go ahead, then.

The first thing you are going to see on entering is some weapon models to start with. Toys, huh! MANPAD “Strela-2”.

Air Defense Museum 2Air Defense Museum 3Air Defense Museum 5

Command and Control Centre ZRS S-300PMU1.

Air Defense Museum 6

14.5-millimeter air-defence machine gun ZPU-2.

Air Defense Museum 7Air Defense Museum 8Air Defense Museum 9

If you want some full-size, real stuff – it will come later, as you get outside.

Radio Detection and Ranging system P-35.

Air Defense Museum 10

Radar altimeter PRV-10.

Air Defense Museum 11Air Defense Museum 12Air Defense Museum 13Air Defense Museum 14Air Defense Museum 15Air Defense Museum 16Air Defense Museum 17Air Defense Museum 18Air Defense Museum 19Air Defense Museum 20

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  1. Mr. Rabinovich says:

    I hope Arabs will not get their hand on this.

  2. polish jew says:

    I like the houses in the back of one picture

  3. CZenda says:

    Boring. I am sure pictures from Monino would be more interesting.

  4. Taupey says:

    I don’t know what the Hell most of this stuff is but if it creates an explosion, it sure the Hell not boring!

  5. w says:

    more posts of drunk russians please

  6. Exotic Russia; love it. Ciao, James

  7. Taupey says:

    Where’s Jason???

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