36 $250,000 Worth of Vodka

$250,000 Worth of Vodka

Posted on November 2, 2009 by

It’s no surprise that somewhere in Russia there are huge warehouses
fully stacked with vodka and whiskey crates. It’s normal for many other
countries too.

And here you can see how $250,000 worth of vodka getting ruined in
two seconds time. Luckily there were no casualties at all, just a few punches
on one guy’s leg.

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36 responses to “$250,000 Worth of Vodka”

  1. d says:

    Video FAIL! I bet you guys were drunk when this was submitted! 😛

  2. Smirnoff says:

    Betcha the driver of the forklift was just high on his own supply…!

  3. jozef says:

    no casualties… what about the vodka!!

  4. Dima says:

    I know a forklift driver in moscow and they all like a drink while they work.
    Which factory was this?

  5. Mr. Rabinovich says:

    And that is why vodka is bad for you.

  6. Steamed McQueen says:

    In Russia forklift drives you!

    (Hey, someone had to say it!)

  7. acidwash says:

    With Russian lack of workers comp. board he is probably going to have to pay for it all….

  8. Andi Stancu says:

    Why is there a diesel forklift inside a building. That’s illegal.

    • brian t says:

      Illegal in Russia, you mean? 😉

      I always wondered why they put those little canopies on forklift trucks … now I know. Still, it iooks like most of the vodka survived, actually.

    • ZeroDrop says:

      In Brazil it’s not illegal.

      By the way, it’s not Diesel in here: they use gas (residential type, same of the kitchen oven), and if it runs out of gas, they use gasoline, stored on an auxiliar tank.

      Most cars here runs on gas, to be savy (taxis on big cities mostly), but they use gasoline too, you can change between fuels on a flip of a switch, without even stopping the car.

  9. Mack says:

    Cheap russian racks. Ha!

  10. DougW says:

    They should do like the stores here. Vodka comes in plastic drunk-friendly bottles.

  11. Jason says:

    I liked the spicy vodka I bought at a Russian shop in the USA.

  12. Brüno says:

    I hate vodka.

  13. Miss me Miss India says:

    Poor Russian’s so poor and backward that they do not knowing how to drive lift trucks. too bad.

  14. manichino says:

    Lolz, there might be a reason why it’s obligatory to protect the pillars of high rise racks with bumpers or buffers, at least in civilized countries ;D

  15. w says:

    omg dont skimp on cheap racks from China

  16. yukonjess says:

    they weren’t punching him in the leg, they were trying to clear debris away from the side of the forklift so they coulg get him out.
    and all these people going on about “civilized” country’s need to go wank and relax, because all lot of “civilized” countries have the craziest mofo’s around. And the skeeziest scams to inflict financial and political harm. Like the CIA kidnapping an Italian parliment official. Is that civilized? Lets sneak into italy and STEAL a PERSON? very civilized indeed. At least in Russia the everyday people are still strongly community -driven people. They care about each other and complain about the government.
    god people, take in the whole situation before you start firing off your mouth. or hands as the case may be.

  17. BAU-BAU says:


  18. Musa says:

    I thought the same thing.

  19. shmalevolokno says:

    there were some flashes just before the forklift was buried in boxes, so there could be some shortcut i suppose..

  20. European says:

    better alcohol is not good

  21. t_raven says:

    Such a waste…

  22. Nancy says:

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  23. Lindsey says:

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  24. Dee says:

    All that vodka…gone.

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  26. Fantastic Post, will be Linking back to this blog

  27. Klaus says:

    Many Bottles are survive, i think.

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