15 Unwanted Atomiс Submarines

Unwanted Atomiс Submarines

The village of Porchinikha was made by soldiers as a base for atomic submarines. It’s the most northern point of the Kola Peninsula on the Barents Sea shore with the road. There are mistakes in maps, soviet cartographers put this road on the map instead of a corvine path. Drive on the off-road? I wouldn’t be that sure. I found this place long time ago, when
discovered a world of geocashing in 2004. One of the virtual caches buried here as well. It's amazing but since 2003 (the date of the cache burying) no one took it, everyone puzzled: "Is it a foot or a water path?" Everyone saw satellite photos and couldn’t get how it is possible at all to get here without taking off the ground.
7 Cranes and Granny [updated]

Cranes and Granny [updated]

Here are two videos one of a granny that plays some blues on the streets with a... light bulb, asking for some coins.
The other one is about the cranes, the construction cranes and how do they behave during the stormy weather.
Lithuania in Soviet time

36 Lithuania from 1960s-1970s

Lithuania from 1960s-1970s

Those are photos from Lithuania when it was a part of Soviet Russia. All the photos made in the time period of
1960s-1970s but what's most touching people on those photos look almost like they look like now.
14 Russian Roads

Russian Roads

As Russians there are only two problems in Russia: roads and fools. But time is changing, so are the problems to deal with. As well
as the way to do it. Environmental, for example. Yes, Moscow streets are dirty. Right, Moscow cars are not squeaky clean.
16 Strange Cloud

Strange Cloud

Pretty strange cloud has been spotted
in the skies of Moscow yesterday.
Russian Barocco

52 Russian Barocco

Russian Barocco

What's "Russian Barocco"? Obviously it's an architectural style and it has been pretty popular among modern Russian riches. They build real "palaces" made in a 19th century style. Hundreds of them built across the Russian river coasts. Meet one of them. Called to be the pearl
amongst of its kind. It's even has a Russian orthodox church building embedded into the house, probably with a "court" priest living there. It's pretty hard to understand how they stay sane being in the interiors like this, but probably they got used.
Russian dogs

46 Best Man’s Friends

Best Man’s Friends

Dogs are known to be best man's friends. That's true many of us know how helpful and friendly a dog can be, what a big delight when the dog meets at doorstep when you come home from work
etc. But how would you call dogs that were rejected by their owners and sent to a place like this - Russian dog's shelter for staying alone and medical experiments?
Send flowers to Russia

26 Send Flowers to Russia

Send Flowers to Russia

In Russia, flower delivery to the beloved ones can sometimes be accomplished in some intriguing way. When you ready to waste more on your flowers and be sure they
would be there in such manner your girl would never forget you can call those guys. What's so unique with that? Inside there is the answer what they do.
Russian crop circles

15 Crop Circles: Solved

Crop Circles: Solved

While the rest of the world is trying to solve the crop circles mystery one Russian gal has got an exact solution to this phenomena, at least to her local version that left marks on
the green field where she lives. The reason why is she hundred percent sure about it is because they have left an evidence and the tool. Next photo tells it all.
Refinery in Moscow

17 Moscow Refinery

Moscow Refinery

Some piece of industrial hardware can look attractive for photographers especially at night. Russian
blogger Ilya has paid a visit to a refiner near Moscow to make some cool shots of it.

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