12 Headlines. Real or Fake?

Headlines. Real or Fake?

For those of you who like quizzes, we have put together a little current events guessing game about everyone’s favorite people – police. According to media reports, there is no crime too silly or ridiculous for police involvement, so sit
back and try to guess which of these news headlines are real and which ones we made up to confuse you and completely destroy the reputation of our fine police force. Ready? Go! (Translations and answers after the jump.)
Russian beggars
21 Not So Poor

Not So Poor

In Russia, many drivers are suspicious of those who beg for pennies at traffic lights.  It is commonly thought amongst some that many of these handicapped
panhandlers are merely faking it.  While many other people find this attitude hopelessly callous, they might want to take a look at the pictures below.
Russian graffiti grannys
16 The Graffiti Grannys

The Graffiti Grannys

“How long should we tolerate those tasteless paintings they call ‘graffiti’? After asking this question myself twice I said - we shouldn’t any more!” So says Anastasia, the leader of SSAE - Samarian Street Art Elders. “We decided to show what real graffiti should look like so that our children could adapt good tastes from an early age”. And so be it - this small town near
Samara cCity, Russia began to change with the help of this SSAE team. They decided to give street art a “granny” twist. “We also put nice poetry on walls, it helps!” Now the walls of houses and lobbies as well as out door spaces such as playgrounds, are all covered by  “Granny Graffiti” and it seems the old graffiti artists have run scared.
luxury cars in Kiev Ukraine
40 Kiev Cars

Kiev Cars

We’ve seen a lot of nice cars from Russia here already. It’s no secret there a lot of them: a British journalist once said that only in Moscow could he see several Lamborghinis or Ferraris stopped at one traffic light. So we wondered if this was a cultural thing.  First we looked to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, another piece of the USSR that gained its independence not even twenty years ago. While the Ukraine has been less fortunate in terms
of natural resources, the stamp of Soviet heritage is strong and many Ukrainians even prefer Russian as their primary language.  So we deduced this could mean only one thing—there should be tons of luxury cars there too. Thus, we set on a brief examination of the streets of Kiev and it looks like we were right: yet another country with an average salary under 25 grand but with cars costing over $200,000.
Russian commercials
20 Nowhere But In Mosselprom. Old Posters

Nowhere But In Mosselprom. Old Posters

Because the majority of advertising materials in the USSR were of a political propagandizing nature, the many examples of simple commercial advertising are often overlooked. These ads for goods and services were pervasive, with many having been published during the New Economic Politics (NEP) period (1921-1928). Later on, various government enterprises produced their own advertisement campaigns. Word of mouth advertising campaigns were also spread less formally by private masters and "hack workers" while radio ads were fairly
common. While many of the ad slogans produced in this era were rather uniform, (All smoke the certain brand’s cigarettes, Ask for that everywhere, Eat, Drink, Keep, Fly…), there are some rather interesting if not entertaining quips such as, “Nowhere but in Mosselprom”, “You are not a USSR citizen if you aren’t a Dobrolet’s stockholder”, and the everlasting slogan of Mayakovsky: “Better pacifiers don’t exist that’s why I’ll suck them till I get old”.
Russian bride and wedding

19 Sports Wedding

Sports Wedding

Are some Russian people so into sports that they even can go to their own wedding dressed into brand new adidas sports suite? Yes and no! It is not hundred percent clear what was the reason for the groom to do this but there are strong grounds to
suspect that this was a specific Russian joke, based on the habit of many representatives of Russian street culture to wear Adidas sports as top cloths choice. Anyways, this Russian bride looks to be shy of this choice.
Russian victory monument
27 New Technologies

New Technologies

As time passes by new technologies emerge, that's a natural outcome of humanity progress. In Ukraine they have new technologies at their service. Sometimes it's turns to be a bit too much as
some say. Here we have the monument to the Motherland erected in Cherkassy city shortly after the World War 2 ended to commemorate the memories of the dead in action heroes.
12 Perfrostology Institute’s Underground

Perfrostology Institute’s Underground

There is a cave (smaller than Igarskiy’s one) under the perfrostology institute, located in Yakutsk’s suburb. Mainly it is used as a
storehouse — you can find cores there which were made by drilling, different devices and even mountain cranberry supplies.
26 Russian  Biography

Russian Biography

Due to some circumstances October brings to Russian mind memories of early and mid
nineties. Let’s recollect what the country's life was like that time.
Russian northern city

21 One Northern City

One Northern City

In Russia there are plenty of small cities built deep far North near some kind of natural resource excavations. We had those diamond mines - it could be called the king of such settlements because we all know how much diamonds cost. But there are different other towns based around things like oil, gas, coal and some rare metals mining facilities which give jobs to majority of population. This one is located almost at Pacific coast of Russia (yes Russia has Pacific coast too!) and was founded around enormous layers of coal back many years ago in Soviet times. Later it was
sustained by the mining, then after Soviet Union collapse the coal mining still was active so the town survived all that times. The majority of currently living there people moved there from European parts of Russia but there are still natives living around, eating raw meats and having deer skin covered huts in which they live even at most freezing times of the year. People joke that when civilization would fall all those modern houses and facilities would crumble to dust but the natives would not notice all this modern stuff gone.

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