Russian abandoned military object

20 Abandoned Military Object

Abandoned Military Object

Previously this was an object from the chain of military air defence stations. Then when USSR went down many objects went down too. Lack of funding, new military
doctrines and concepts, then international disarmament initiatives - all this lead to thousand of those being left to stay in condition like this.
9 UFO (Unknown Floating Object) In Moscow?

UFO (Unknown Floating Object) In Moscow?

Well, guys. A strange thing happened recently in Moscow. All the onlookers of this were literally shocked. Have you ever seen a car, floating along the river but not sinking for good two hours? I bet that you haven’t. So, I will tell you how such an odd story came about. When some pedestrians were walking along the quay
they saw some strange thing in the Moscow River, neither a car nor a boat. One would think: what the hell? And so did all the passers-by. Some of them even began to hesitate which number they should phone first, rescue service to deal with the car or an ambulance to rescue them from the mirage.
Russian food factory

21 Food and Food

Food and Food

A Russian factory producing two types of food - Russian raviolli with meat called "pelmeni" and Russian variations of cakes and sweets. They still make those raviollis by hand as
you might see on those photos, probably it's cheaper than getting the manufacturing line do this, or maybe they sell it like "hand made organic" or something.
Russian airport Novosibirsk
16 How Tolmachevo Airport Was Built

How Tolmachevo Airport Was Built

Tolmachevo is one of the two passenger airports of huge Novosibirsk city and the gateway point of regional and international air service. For the first time people heard the name of this village on April 25, 1941. Back then the Office of Airfield Construction started building a major
military airfield which existed till the middle of the 50’s. The whole airfield was built by the strong hand of prisoners. The origin of the airfield-based Tolmachevo airport connected with equipment of the air forces of the USSR with a set of TU-104 jet liners.
Russian ceramic tiles art

18 War at Ceramic Tiles

War at Ceramic Tiles

In Rostov city Russia an epic forty-thirty years old ceramic tiles artwork has been found in the underground passages. It tells various stories from World War 2 in ultra realistic
style. Probably that's one of a kind in the whole world, I doubt somewhere else there are places where this material was used to describe the war happenings.
23 About Windows, Not “Windows”

About Windows, Not “Windows”

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “windows”? Of course, you recollect Bill Gates, his Microsoft guys and their perpetration. Only after that you might remember some wood-and-glass, PVC
or fiberglass hole in the wall behind your back. Or might not. Anyway, today I want to mull over these, traditional windows, or as they are called sometimes, “the eyes of the house”.
18 Russian Matte-Painting

Russian Matte-Painting

The other day, while browsing the Web, I came across a nice article on matte painting. A matte painting is a painted representation of a landscape, set, or distant location that allows filmmakers to create illusions of an environment that would otherwise be too expensive or impossible to build or visit. The thing is matte painting is a quite old technique in film-making with more than one hundred years of history. Although the term itself is not too popular among
laymen, we come across various instances of this technique almost every time when we decide to watch another newfangled movie or play a fancy computer game. Surprised? So was I. And if you see somewhere – in a movie, on a photo some unusual, unreal scene or background, be sure that you deal with this very matte painting. Of course, digital matte painting came to practice only a while ago, but is widely used in modern cinematography.
Singing classes, Moscow, 1960s
10 A Glance at the Soviet Lifestyle, Captured by Marc Riboud

A Glance at the Soviet Lifestyle, Captured by Marc Riboud

A singing class, Moscow, 1960s This is our third post devoted to Marc Riboud, an out­stand­ing French pho­tog­ra­pher, who trav­eled
exten­sively through­out the Soviet Union.  His images cap­tured an array of every­day life episodes from the lives of the Soviet peo­ple.
13 One Fake’s Story

One Fake’s Story

By a broken Soviet helicopter. Ashmar, province Khunar, 18 January, 1980. This photo with this cutline appeared in a well-known to many comrades famous Russian
Live Journal about two years ago. And it won’t be a kind of surprise if it appears again, because an anniversary date (30 years) is on the doorstep.
Russian wedding cakes
37 Russian Wedding Cakes

Russian Wedding Cakes

Never let it be said that Russians are not creative or romantic – for proof, take a look at
this collection of amazing Russian wedding cakes.  Enjoy, and don’t drool.

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