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Nice Watches

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Russian politicians watches

One Russian newspaper has published the photos of Russian politicians and top governmental dudes with the wrist watches visible on their hands and found all those watches in shops so put this info together with the pics giving the exact price (without tax and custom fees) in the captions.

Those don’t require translations. It’s easy to understand them – most of the prices are in Swiss Franks (CHF) which is almost like dollar now (1 CHF = $0.99). Also there are prices in Russian currency “руб.”, thirty of such equals roughly one dollar. And there are prices in dollars too.

The names of the guys are probably insignificant cause you probably don’t know them, probably except Mr. Kadirov, leader of Chechnya, he is almost the leader in this list too. His watches are priced almost $300,000. Three hundred grands on his wrist.

Russian politicians watches 1

Russian politicians watches 2

Russian politicians watches 3

Russian politicians watches 4

Russian politicians watches 5

Russian politicians watches 6

Russian politicians watches 8

Russian politicians watches 9

Russian politicians watches 10

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Russian politicians watches 13

Russian politicians watches 14

Russian politicians watches 15

Russian politicians watches 16

Russian politicians watches 17

Russian politicians watches 18

Russian politicians watches 19

Russian politicians watches 20

Russian politicians watches 21

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Russian politicians watches 23

Russian politicians watches 24

Russian politicians watches 25

Russian politicians watches 26

Russian politicians watches 27

Russian politicians watches 29

Russian politicians watches 30

Russian politicians watches 31

Russian politicians watches 32

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Russian politicians watches 34

Russian politicians watches 35

via vedomosti.ru

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42 responses to “Nice Watches”

  1. EnglishRussiaSux says:


    There! my post might not be deleted!

    Q: What does a $300,000 watch do that a $50 Timex doesn’t?
    A: chew up your retirement account!

    Waste of money

  2. Musa says:

    That’s disgusting!

  3. George O. Riley says:

    All that money can’t buy them hair !

  4. Mr. Rabinovich says:

    Jews make the best watches in the world.

  5. polish jew says:

    I have a 30 yr. old Poljot watch that is 30 jewels and works perfectly!

    I love russian watches!

  6. DougW says:

    Oh they might look like real watches but with the number of fakes being sold out there by spammers that 30,000 watch might be a 500$ knockoff made in china for $10. 🙂

  7. Anon says:

    Politician! It’s the new swear word.

  8. FN says:

    These watches are so awfull. Why they don t have a simple swatch at 80-150 dollars? While million of poor russians are starving, russian politicians are busy to buy some watches and Villa in Switzerland, Italie, France, spain. How these guys can watch themself in a mirror? Russia is not a united country, everybody lives for himself, it is even not a country, just a bunch of people without feeling for the others. That is why they are so agressives and jealous of united state.

  9. cia says:

    When I used to work for government I had a nice Rolex for wearing on weekends and special occasions. One night I crash on my motorcycle and slid down the road on it at about 40mph (65kph). The watch was destroyed. Even the wrist band had big chunks ground out of it by pavement. The watch still kept time after, but you could barely see through the crystal.

    I also broke my $300 sunglasses and the lens cut my cheek and temple. It wasn’t a very good evening.

  10. Taupey says:

    I knew a guy who bought one of those fake watches for himself.

    He went around telling everyone it was worth $250,000.00 and the King of UAE gave it to him.

    People believed him until they realized he was just some crazy narcissist who lied about everything.

    After seeing someone like that, I’m very content in knowing that I’m just some poor happy nobody whose not afraid to tell the World!

  11. Basterd says:

    At least you know you can retire if you chop off the politician’s hand and get away with it.

    • Andruha says:

      I saw 5.7 Million dollar watch and I know who purchased 1 too , the certificate on those watch was a book almost like a car manual

  12. fred says:

    Are my eyes faulty or did I see a 1 million dollar watch?!

  13. Michael says:

    2017 is coming.

  14. Jason says:

    I like my new $3,000 gold plated 8 diamond Lamborghini watch I bought on ebay on sale for $250.

  15. OJ says:

    An expensive watch really shows off one’s intellectual prowess. If these guys were wearing two watches they would look twice as smart.

  16. Jim-Bob says:

    It makes you wonder where a “public servant” comes up with the money to buy such an ostentatious piece of jewelry. After all, that is all that it is since it does nothing that a cheap watch doesn’t. Plus, with everyone now carrying cell phones with built in clocks, watches have become redundant. Sadly, this is further proof of how corrupt some of the politicians in the former USSR have become. Then again, Russia has yet to see a government that works only for the good of the people as many of the communists were corrupt too.

    • Kirov says:

      Yup, of course the politicians/Administrators are corrupt, however majority of them try to do good for the country. It’s not like all of them are evil (and it WAS better during Soviet times. Far better actually).

  17. chuck says:

    see the new boss? same as the old boss .

  18. PIVO says:

    All these fake watches were bought in Hong Kong streets for 50-100 USD.

  19. jozef says:

    lol, the last guy got watch worth $1 mil, probably like 20-30 pieces made, and hes wearing it on a hand? he should put it in some safe

  20. ft says:

    Davaj tchasy-Berlin Tour 1945.

  21. too much vodka says:

    At least the chairman of the Communist Party is still a true communist: his watch didn’t cost even 2.000 euro. By the way, did you see the only woman in the company, Valentina Matvyenko, the governor of St Petersburg? I know someone who was with her in the Komsomol together. Her nickname there was Valya Stakan, or Valya vodka glass, because she could drink the other local Komsomol leaders under the table. And afterwards it was fairly easy to “take her” under that same table.

  22. godsky says:

    The rich get richer
    The poor get the picture….

  23. Yegorij says:


  24. chekist says:

    it is time for new revolution…

  25. james says:

    39,200 Ruble means about 1,500 US$??

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    people lack substance but
    I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..
    I’ll be checking in on a regularly now….
    Keep up the good work!

  27. No_way says:

    Russian politicians don’t buy watches, they only take them as a gift from other countrys politicians

  28. sr says:

    powerful people enjoy nice things in life.

    this has been true since antiquity.

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