16 Some Strange Performance

Some Strange Performance

Posted on October 23, 2009 by

Russian strange street performance

Russian street art is sometimes strange, though they say this was a foreign performer came specially to Moscow to make this show and scare passers by.

They made this looking-like-human dolls of some artificial material and then dressed some into realistic clothing others were left as is and then they were spread around the city or some were placed in the river, others were carried around the city in the manner friends carry their drunk buddies.

Some people from the streets looked puzzled, some tried to pretend they are not looking etc. Anyways, it was kind of fun for the dull street life.

Russian strange street performance 1

Russian strange street performance 2


16 Responses to “Some Strange Performance”

  1. Mr. Rabinovich says:

    Russian art performance is strange.

  2. this is pretty rare but it`s cool, i want to go russia

  3. polish jew says:

    wow…this looks awesome :O

  4. Someone says:

    Certainly have seen it before. It might be a French artist (or somewhere in Europe). I think he wanted to attract attention to the problem of plastic bags waste. All his figures are done from plastic bags.

    • marton says:

      he’s name’s mark jenkins and he’s american. he uses only adhesive tape to make sculptures.

      the artist who uses plastic bags to made inflatable sculptures is joshua allen harris.

  5. Jason says:

    I saw a revolving billboard like in pic 14 in Russia for the first time!I dont think America has any of those.

  6. Poobar says:

    I perform threeway sex act with plastic couple in last photos. It was much satisfying but I receive adhesive celophane on manhood.

  7. Oleg says:

    His name is Mark Jenkins and he is American Street Artist… http://www.xmarkjenkinsx.com/ He made some workshops around Russia…

  8. kabin says:

    kabin dejame felicitarte porque la manera en que redactas es

  9. Praveesh says:

    Wow! What an idea? Cool…Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Karl says:

    America has revolving billboards even in the poorest parts of the south. They have 3 sides like a triangle rotating. Wow I even saw digital signs in Birmingham,Alabama.

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