21 Bus Going Down

Bus Going Down

Posted on October 21, 2009 by

Russian bus accident

Crazy story happened in the Russian city of Perm a few days ago: a city bus lost control of its brakes at the top of a hill and careened down a busy street smashing cars, kiosks and generally wreaking a path of destruction.

Fortunately (for us) a street camera caught some of it on tape.  Check out the video to see what happens when bus meets pedestrian. Does he live?? Watch and see.

Russian bus accident 1Russian bus accident 2Russian bus accident 3Russian bus accident 4Russian bus accident 5Russian bus accident 6Russian bus accident 7Russian bus accident 8Russian bus accident 9Russian bus accident 10Russian bus accident 11


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21 Responses to “Bus Going Down”

  1. Jason says:


  2. Commie says:


  3. too much vodka says:

    nice video, no photos.

  4. FTW says:

    In soviet russia bus misses you

  5. Taupey says:

    Was anyone hurt? It would be amazing if everyone was okay, and only the vehicles were damaged.

    • mH says:

      No-one dead, but some hospitalized with injuries. The reason was not the brakes failure, but the automatic gearbox malfunctioning – the driver couldn’t either lower the gear, nor switch off the engine, nor use the brakes effectively. The driver was sober, sane and not bombed, the bus has passed the usual maintenance checkup that morning. I’m from Perm itself.

    • russia in dark says:

      Nobody was hurt. This bus is from jewish firm.

    • Oleg says:

      4 people had light injuries, nobody died

  6. achtung says:

    Useless Russians! Buying olde discarded German buses which no more made it through inspection there (see sign at the bus on one of the pics reading “…hausplatz”)
    And then that! Owner of bus will have some probs. Usually private buses there and not owned by town…

    • chi says:

      Not quite.
      1. Russians start picking up on making their own buses(rip-offs, of course) and i know what’s scarier.
      2. Maybe it’s human factor. Being a driver in the city isn’t a pleasant work so some countrymen go to the city every morning, take the driver’s seat and work out a change so long you wouldn’t believe. Sleeping and driving is reality.
      3. Driver will be fired and get a court sentence, actual owner might get insurance

  7. Mr. Rabinovich says:

    Buy Israeli made buses, they are the best in the world.

  8. shizo says:

    Man, if that wasn’t the closest shave you’ve ever seen then I don’t know what is! (talking about the guy running for his life).
    And wouldn’t it be possible to break the bus with engine – shift gears down and then use the handbrake?

  9. Jim-Bob says:

    Well, I am happy to see the Porsche Cayenne wrecked as the accident actually improved the way it looks. However, the wrecked Ladas make me sad. Such pretty little cars ruined by a poorly maintained bus…:(

  10. OJ says:

    What’s the big deal? Hasn’t anyone seen and express bus before?

  11. Dmitri says:

    Actually it wasn’t only breaks problem. This accident happened because his accelerator pad stucked. Powerfull diesel engine with automatic transmission and the breaks became useless

  12. CONNIE says:

    Some times it really is trues if it is “not your time to go”.

  13. RayJay says:

    Why didn’t the driver just turn off the engine? I don’t think
    this was an accident.

  14. Funkmonkey says:

    In Soviet Russia, bus ride YOU!

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