13 Dude, Where is my Birth Certificate?

Dude, Where is my Birth Certificate?

Posted on October 19, 2009 by

Russian oldest woman

So to continue today’s “Dude, where is…?” theme, we have a story about a particular Russian “babushka”. What makes her really remarkable is her date of birth: as marked in her passport it reads July 1, 1890, making her 119 years old.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records the oldest woman living now on Earth is a Japanese lady who is 114 years old. But why, you might ask, can’t this Chelyabinsk granny beat her and take her rightful place in the Earthlings printed hall of fame? Well, for one, she can’t prove it; and second, she just doesn’t care.  Her relatives of course were pretty enthusiastic about the idea until they realized that it’s not a simple matter of a lost birth certificate. The fact is, a hundred and nineteen years ago, formal birth registration procedures were not a high priority.  Moreover, such procedures were generally carried out by the church—but this babushka was raised in an Islamic tradition.  The one document she owns is a gift card sent to her on her thirtieth birthday, and that postcard is almost ninety years old!

So while her numerous relatives – and there really are a lot of them – like 67 grand children, 40 great grandchildren and even 17 great great grandchildren – are occupied with getting more info on her birth, she is spending her days sitting near the house and watching people pass by, her own time to hustle long past.  Here’s to a hundred and twenty, Za Vas!

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13 Responses to “Dude, Where is my Birth Certificate?”

  1. Taupey says:

    Such a cute little Babushka too! :)

  2. Vlad Depesh says:

    Cool story, bro.

  3. John says:

    I can’t believe she’s 119 years old!!
    she doesn’t look a day over 100!!

  4. Philipp the russian says:

    russians seem to live quite a while

  5. Mr. Rabinovich says:

    I should do her a good cunnilingus.

  6. chuck says:

    you know vodka has a way of preserving you .

  7. Kai says:

    what about the lady of 130 living in Uzbekistan or Kirgizstan (I don’t remember exatly), but i’ve read about her here. Why isn’t she in Guiness book still? As i remember she had her passport with the date of birth and so on. According to her age she is the oldest person on earth.

  8. Schwal says:

    In American English at least, It goes grandchildren, then great-grandchildren, then great-great-grandchildren, and so forth.

    a helpful diagram:

  9. Nafets says:

    great great great grand milf? :$

  10. Lude Nunes says:

    She’s right. Why be upset with the Guiness? This is the kind of thing that kills one.

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